Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Hollar Haul

I have been a fan of Hollar for a while.  Check out my other haul here.  In case you are unfamiliar, Hollar is a deal website featuring a range of really great products.  They are always getting in new items so I like to check frequently.  They were having a free shipping promotion so I hopped on that.  

I have been eyeing these Cloud Pets for a while.  They are such a cool toy.  With a wifi connection you can connect your phone to an app and can talk to the animal.  I thought it was the cutest thing and perfect for a long distance relationship.  I wish I had one when Kyle and I were dating.  I'm planning to give it to my sister when she goes off to college this year.

I'm always looking for a good sports bra and this one was under $5.

I picked these up for an extra set of silverware.  They are definitely not anything special but I have always liked the chunky plastic handled silverware.  For everyday use they work. 

I love the idea of the chalkboard menu and this one is a sticker.  This would be so cute on the fridge.

First of all I am not pregnant.  These are the cutest little stickers to document the baby's growth.  I may save them or give them as a gift at the next baby shower.

I can always use another portable phone charger, and for $3 I couldn't pass on this one.

I picked up these to supplement our pyrex storage.  Honestly they were a little lackluster and the seal on the lids definitely wasn't as good but for storage they work fine.

Check out Hollar and let me know what you find! 

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