Sunday, July 31, 2016

These deals will make you Hollar!

I recently discovered this site called Hollar and let me tell you it will make you Hollar (sorry for the cheese fest).

Alright so Hollar is a deal website with products ranging from home decor, kids items, jewelry, clothes, party supplies, and lots more.  They are super discounted and great for stocking up!  

Also your first order of $10 ships for free then every order over $25 is free!  I love not paying for shipping.  

Here's what I got:

I love these triangle gold earring studs.  They are perfectly simple for everyday wear.  Bonus they are 20-karat gold, $5 you can't beat that! 

I also picked up this circle necklace.  I love dainty necklaces for layering or wearing alone.  This one is such a pretty rose gold color and is perfectly simple and dainty.  This one is 20-karat gold as well and I am in love!!  ($5!?!?) 

I got these two jewelry pieces for $10!  20-karat gold pieces for $5 apiece y'all that just doesn't happen.  

This site is also great for gifts!!

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