Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul: Home Decor, Books, Makeup

I have been obsessed with the Dollar Tree lately.  Check out my other haul here.  If you aren't a fan of the Dollar Tree you need to give it another try.  There are so many finds and they get new items all the time!  Here are a few of my recent finds:  

I picked up this metal wreath ring with the hopes that I would be able to DIY a wreath....we'll see how that goes.  Maybe I'll do a post whenever I get around to making it.

I was browsing the office supply aisle and stumbled upon these calendars for 25 cents each!

They are so cute!  All the pictures are beautiful and would be perfect to frame.

Seriously that's 36 pictures for 75 cents!

I picked up this beautiful sparkly minty Revlon nail polish.  This is the perfume nail polish that is supposed to smell good after it has dried.  I have tried one of these years ago and found the quality to be really good.  I thought this color was so pretty and would be perfect for Disney.  

My last find were two books.  Don't forget about the book section!  They are always getting new books and they are real books.  Sever is the third in a trilogy.  I read the first book years ago and really enjoyed it.  The basis is a dystopian society were the lifespan is 20 years and girls are stolen to become wives and have children.  I was really excited to see this book there.  The other book I found was Fearless.  I had never heard of it but I have read books by this author and really enjoyed them.  Inkheart and The Thief Lord were great!  I thought I would pick this one up and check it out.  Both of these books are hardcover and such a great find!

Let me know what you have found at the Dollar Tree lately!

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