Saturday, May 27, 2017

Spring Disney Trip, Last Time for Wishes

These pictures have been a long time coming.  I went to Disney for a week in February/March and it was wonderful!  Epcot was doing the Flower and Garden Festival so they had the topiaries and all the food (even more than usual).  Here's a showcase of some of my favorite pictures from the trip: 

We stumbled on an airplane skywriter in the Magic Kingdom, just a little extra magic.

Dinosaur Land in Animal Kingdom is such a cute area!  It is one of my favorite parts of the park.  Primeval Whirl anyone??

This picture was such a lucky happening.  They were doing these Tangled pictures for just a short time and we stumbled on them at the themed restrooms.  There was definitely a line but it was such a neat picture opportunity, definitely worth the wait.

My last time seeing Wishes!  So sad it is gone but I am excited to see the new firework show.

Festival of Fantasy!!

Disney is always a fun trip!  Let me know your favorite things to do at Disney!

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