Monday, December 11, 2017

Walmart Fashion Finds and Gift Ideas

If you've been around for awhile you know I am a big fan of Wal-Mart.  You can go get your groceries and pretty much anything else you need as well as shop for clothes and accessories.  I was in Wal-Mart recently and had a little time to browse around.  I found so many cute things that I had to share.  These could also be really cute, affordable gift ideas.  Check out my last Wal-Mart post here.

Camo is so big this season and the strappy back detail is so pretty!  This top is available online for $7!!

The quality on these jeggings is similar to my Hue pairs.  These are online for less than $10!! Such a great gift idea, I'm loving the metallic and velvet ones.

This top is so pretty!  Perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans.  It comes with a tank for easy pairing.  This one is online for $13

I love cuddling up in a cozy sweater in the winter and Wal-Mart has you covered for cute ones.  They have cold shoulder, cowl neck, zipper details, etc.  So many and less than $20!!

This top is so feminine!  Bell sleeves and velvet, you can't beat that.  I could see this one paired with a statement necklace for a party.  It's online for less than $15.

I am loving the bomber jacket trend going on.  These quilted jackets are super cozy and come in three colors.  They are the same price online right now.  My curvy ladies, these are on sale online for less than $15 here.

This bag is really nice and a total knockoff of the Michael Kors Hamilton.  They have them online for the same price but you also get a few different patterns.

Backpacks are so trendy right now and Wal-Mart has them all!  Velvet, fur, leather, so many cute ones and at less than $25 you can't beat it!

I fell in love with this crossbody when I saw WhoaWaitWalmart post about it on instagram.  It comes in black as well which I am also loving.  Definitely giving me designer feels.

What have you found a Wal-Mart lately?

Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist

I don't know about you but I love seeing what people want for Christmas.  I'm nosy and it also gives me some ideas for what I might want to ask for.  Here are a couple of things I am hoping for this year:

Chick-Fil-A calendar card: I ask for this every year because it's the gift that keeps giving.  If you haven't ever gotten a calendar card form Chick-Fil-A you are missing out.  These guys are less than $10 and you get around $40 worth of food and drinks.  Each month is a new deal anything from a free sandwich to a frosted lemonade.  If you love Chick-Fil-A like I do this is perfect!   

Duck Boots: I have been wanting a pair of duck boots for a while and wasn't sure if I would get use out of them.  There has now been enough times when I wished I had a pair for an outfit that I felt like I needed them in my closet.  Perfect for rain or snow and they are really cute!  

Olive Booties: I love booties, I have quite he collection.  I have been seeing a lot of olive booties styled lately and really like the look.  I have a light olive but would really like a dark olive pair.  

Chenille Cardigan: Unless you have been living under a rock you know that chenille is all the rage right now.  Super soft and cozy, I'm all about it.  This chenille cardi is from JCPenny, comes in three colors and I am in love! 

Fitbit Alta HR: I have had my Charge HR for almost two years and it is about to bite the dust.  It is peeling, doesn't sync and the clock is way off...I think it's time for a new one.  

Druzy bracelets: I am really loving bracelets at the moment, especially druzy stones.  I love the natural chic feel they add to an outfit.  This one is less than $10! 

Kristin Hannah The Great Alone: Kristin Hannah is one of my favorite authors and this is her most recent book that I haven't read yet.  You be it's on my wishlist! 

Espresso Maker: A coffee maker that makes coffeehouse quality espresso at home...sign me up.  My mother-in-law has this model and it works great.  It even has a milk frother so you can get real fancy with your lattes and all.  

Gucci Belt: Ok, so this isn't an actual Gucci belt...I could never spend that much on a belt much less ask someone else to.  I found this one on amazon for around $15.  Yeah it's probably not the best quality but I can deal.  I have seen so many instagram posts styling these belts that I fell into the trap.    

Turquoise Earrings: Statements earrings are making a comeback and these turquoise ones stole my heart.  I love turquoise (blame it on my inner cowgirl) and these give a Kendra Scott vibe for less than $10.  

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?  Let me know in a comment below! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thanksgiving Recap

This is way late but I though I would share anyway.  Thanksgiving trip recap and go.
We made the trek to North Carolina to see both of our families, it's always nice when we can work that in.  It was a couple of days filled with food, a little shopping and time together.

Pretty much tradition now (and I'm totally ok with it) to go to Cracker Barrel at least one morning with my husband and Father-in-Law for breakfast.  I love Cracker Barrel, good food, vintage atmosphere and cute gift shop!  What's your favorite thing to order at Cracker Barrel??  For breakfast I love the fresh start sampler (eggs, bacon, yogurt parfait and a big blueberry muffin) and of course LOTS of coffee!!  

We spent Thanksgiving with my husbands family (we rotate years).  Lots of good food, relaxing and my husband got to shoot guns.

I also got to break out my Carhartt, which is a rare occurrence in Alabama.  Later that night we went "Black Friday" shopping with my cousin-in-law, her fiance, my husband, and mother-in-law.  If you haven't seen my Black Friday haul check it out here.

On Friday we drove to see my family and spend a couple of days with them.  We had our second Thanksgiving dinner and stuffed ourselves yet again.

There is an amish store near where I grew up and they make the best donuts!  They only sell them on Saturdays and you have to be pretty lucky to grab them.  We ended up with two bags.  They were warm and delicious...oh my goodness so good!

In case you are new here my family raises beef cows.  I grew up on a farm showing cattle.  They also have a few horses that my sister handles.  She needed to go to a local western store to check out a few things so we tagged along.  I got to let my inner cowgirl out this trip and I loved it!

I always have to stop by the barn when I am home, it's not really home unless I've been to the barn.

Up close and personal with my sister's dog Apache.

My sister recently got another horse so all three of us got to go on a trail ride.  I hadn't been riding in years so it was a little bit of an adventure, new horse and a semi new rider resulted in some testing from the horse.  We both figured each other out and ended up having a nice ride.  My legs also let me know I hadn't done that in a while the next morning...  

There was a new baby bull calf born a few weeks ago that we got to check out.  How cute is he??

We also got to attend church at the church I grew up in, it is also where Kyle and I got married.  I always love getting to go back to church there with my family.  
We had such a great trip spending time with family, eating good food and relaxing.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are having a wonderful holiday season!    

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Starbucks Toasted White Chocolate Latte Review

I'm pretty sure coffee is my love me coffee and I'll love you forever.  Seriously though coffee is my favorite.  Holiday coffee now that is another level, I have been a fan of the Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks for years but I just may have found a new favorite.

Starbucks released a new holiday drink this year the Toasted White Chocolate Latte.  They proclaim it is caramelized white chocolate topped with whipped cream and candied cranberry sugar.
I am a fan of the basic white mocha so I figured I would give this one a whirl.  

I ended up getting mine with coconut milk but everything else regular.
If you like the white mocha you will love this one!  It is very similar but has a deeper, richer flavor.  The sugar topping didn't really add anything as far as flavor goes.  I really enjoyed this one.  It was sweet but not too sweet and the flavor paired really well with espresso.  Definitely a new favorite and possibly my number one...

Have you tried this one?  What did you think?  What is your favorite Starbucks drink?  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Black Friday Haul

Christmas Wishlist
Here is my obligatory Black Friday shopping haul.  It's a little late, I wanted to wait till after Cyber Monday in case I picked up anything else.  I did the majority of my shopping online this year (nothing better than shopping in your jammies).  My cousin-in-law is a die hard Black Friday shopper so when we are with them for Thanksgiving we get a group together and go.  Technically we didn't even go "Black Friday" shopping because we went on Thursday. 
Most of the places we went weren't too crazy (except Target, that place was a mess) so it was like normal holiday shopping. Here's what I got:

Velvet Leggings: I have been wanting a pair of velvet leggings since last year.  I have seen them styled on instagram and thought they looked really cute.  I ordered these from Rue21, they were on sale for $5 and had free shipping so I snagged them.  Good thing because later that day they were all sold out.  I just got these in the mail and they are great quality and so soft! 

Tortoise Sunglasses: These sunglasses were a random buy.  I stumbled on H&M's website since they were doing free shipping and 30% off.  I saw these sunglasses and loved the classic shape, I also really love tortoiseshell.  I picked these up for $8. 

Embroidered Booties: Y'all these boots!!  I'm in love!  Rue21 got me again.  They had another sale so I was browsing online and I had to get these.  I have really been loving the embroidery trend.  These ended up being $15. 

Nude Eyeshadow Palette: Another random find, I loved the packaging on this eyeshadow palette and the colors looked really pretty.  It definitely reminds me of the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette...except it was $3.  I haven't swatched it yet but you can't beat that price. 

Chenille Cardigan: I have been eyeing this cardigan for a while now.  I love that chenille has made a comeback, it is so soft and cuddly.  I initially wanted this cardigan in the mustard gold color but they didn't have my size so I picked the midnight color.  It was on sale for $19.99 and my sweet mother-in-law picked it up for me for Christmas.   

Christmas Tree: This was our BIG Black Friday purchase and the one we had to rush in for.  I finally talked my husband into getting an artificial tree this year.  Michael's had this one on a doorbuster sale for $89.99.  It has pretty flocking and you can change the lights from clear to colored.  I can't wait to put it up! 

FitBit Alta HR: I have ran my fitbit to the ground.  I wear it everyday and it is falling apart.  I really needed a new one.  Santa...aka my husband actually picked this one up for me.  Kohl's had them on super deal for $99.99 plus you got $30 in Kohl's cash and we had a gift card.  He ended up getting this guy for around $30!!  Now I am supposed to forget I ever saw it...   

Planner: I always love getting a new planner for Christmas, helps to start the year off right.  This one was so pretty and it was on a great deal at Michael's.  They are usually $19.99 but were 60% off and then an extra 30% off because we were there when the store opened on Thursday night.  I can't wait to use it to start planning out the New Year. 

Leopard Mules: My last find were these chic leopard mules.  I have really been enjoying the mule trend (comfy and cute) and wanted another pair.  I love leopard print, it's totally a neutral.  This pair was on sale at Forever21 for $8.  They aren't the best quality around but for less than $10, I can deal.

I also picked up a chunk of Christmas gifts but I don't want to show them here just in case.  Did you go Black Friday shopping?  Did you shop online or brave the store?  Let me know down below, I'd also love to know your favorite deal find you picked up.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Eggnogg Latte Recipe

If you follow me on instagram you know my love for coffee.  Americano, cappuccino, latte give me all the coffee!  I love to go to a coffee shop and pick up a cup but that definitely adds up.  Today I'm sharing my recipe for a homemade eggnog latte.  I love eggnog but if you aren't a fan you could just replace it with milk and add flavored syrup.  

What you need:
- 2/3 cup eggnogg | my favorite is this Southern Comfort kind
- 1/3 cup milk | we had coconut on hand but your can use whatever you want
- 1/2 cup strong coffee | I used a K-cup 
- pinch of nutmeg 
- Optional 2 Tbsp sugar

What to do:
1. Measure your eggnog and milk (and sugar if wanted) and mix together.  Pour into a mug and microwave for about 1 minute and 30 seconds.  
2. Froth your milk and eggnog mixture.  I like to use a frother for ease but you can also pour the milk into a jar/cup with a lid and vigorously shake for 30 seconds until it has doubled in size and you can see the froth.
3. Measure your coffee.  I typically use a dark roast k-cup and make it on the smallest setting.
4. Top with nutmeg and enjoy!    

This is one of my favorite holiday treats!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Thrift Haul

Random thrift haul but I found some goodies.

First off was this velour floral embroidered sweater that I am IN LOVE with!!  It is so grandma chic and I am all about it.  Plus embroidery and velvet are on trend right now.  This was a little more than I wanted to spend (at $4) but I love it!

This purse was $3.99 and brand new.  There isn't a brand on it but it is so nice!  The color is perfect for fall and I love the crossbody style.

I also picked up three books for 10 cents each...yep that's right.  I found three Mary Kay Andrews books.  I have read a few books from her before and really enjoyed them.

For less than $10 I picked up a sweater, bag and books, pretty good haul.  Have you been thrifting lately?  Let me know your most recent finds.