Monday, July 16, 2018

Instagram Roundup

The week after a holiday week is always a little hard to go back to, this week actually flew by.  Guys we are pretty much halfway through July and I don't really know how that happened.

Target mirror selfies are cool and all, except when your Target is really disorganized and messy and your background is pretty much always a jealous of all of you with actually nice Targets.

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In case you missed it check out my post on one of my favorite spots around Lake Lure.

My husband and I stopped at a local doughnut shop over the weekend (they were having a sale).  We got honey butter chicken biscuits, iced coffee and doughnuts.  I got an iced white mocha and a nutella filled doughnut and it was amazing!! 

I've been obsessed with this bag and kimono that I picked up from GoodTwice (which I am also obsessed with).  If you missed my blog post check it out here.
You can also use code PINCHOFGINGER for 30% off your next purchase on their website through August 15. 

Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A was this past week and you better believe if it involves free Chick-Fil-A I am totally there.  My husband and I donned our cow masks and had a fun little breakfast date before work.  Anyone else participate in cow day??

Doughnuts from the local shop that we visited, so many choices!! Next time I am totally getting the coconut one!

I will leave you with some inspiration, His grace is all that we need.  Grace that covers our sin, grace that we don't deserve but is everything we need.  If you haven't found this grace and you have any questions please reach out and we can chat!

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Lake Lure's Hidden Treasure

Nestled in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the most beautiful Lake Lure.  This is the lake I grew up on and it will always hold a special place in my heart.  One of my favorite attractions to visit and show people when we go is the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge.  Once the original traffic bridge built in 1925, it closed to traffic and was turned into a beautiful landmark of flowers in 2011.

I love walking through all the flowers and seeing how they turned something old and historic into something new that adds such a beautiful touch to the town.

They have new additions all the time and they had added so many little Fairy houses and magical little extra touches.

They also added a little Secret Garden which I loved!  When I was younger I watched the movie and read the book, I wanted my own secret garden so bad!

So many cute planter accents.

 If you happen to be at the lake it is such a neat place to walk trough and check out.  
They also have a little cafe at the beginning of the bridge so you can get some coffee and pastries.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Good Twice Haul: Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and more!

Guys I am a thriftaholic, it's a problem.  I am all about getting a good deal.  Why pay full price when you can get great items for rock bottom??  I recently discovered GoodTwice and am obsessed with them!  Seriously I check them once a day to see the new arrivals and have now placed 4 orders...whoops.  GoodTwice is an online thrift store, the items are in great condition and are all shown really well on the website.  I have been super impressed.
Did I mention that shipping is only 99 cents??????

Ok so about those 4 orders...

My first order was during there Anniversary Sale where everything was 50% off (which is amazing considering their prices are already low).  I picked up these America Eagle Skinny Jeans for $10!!  Y'all these are BRAND NEW with tags still on them!

My next order was this really cute olive green felt wool floppy hat that is so perfect for fall!  I had a coupon and I ended up paying less than $4, it was also new with tags.

I picked up this Cejon faux fur jacket that is gorgeous and will be so fun for fall and winter.  It was $9.99

I always need more sports bras and I couldn't pass up this brand new one from New Balance for $9.99 

I am not shy about animal print and these Michael Kors snakeskin loafers $12.99 and had to come home with me.  They are in amazing condition and I cannot wait to style them for fall.

My absolute favorite find was this Michael Michael Kors Jet Set Chain Tote.  It was a little pricier at $59.99 but I am so in love with it!!  It is in great condition, it is missing the MK hang tag but honestly I don't even miss it.

I have been wanting the Coach Phoebe for years and this bag has a very similar layout so it was perfect!  The inside is spotless and I have been carrying ever since I got it.

My second favorite find was this beautiful floral kimono from 143 Story.  It is so flowy and drapes beautifully, for $9.99 I couldn't say no.

My most recent buy was during their July Fourth sale where they did 40% off.  I found this beautiful Lauren by Ralph Lauren leather tote bag for $17.99, with my coupon I paid less than $12.  It is such a great classic bag and gives me feels of the neverfull.  The quality is amazing and I can't wait to start using it!

How pretty is that kimono??  I love it and know I am going to be wearing it all the time!

Also yes to this bag, so classic and chic, perfect all season bag as well.  I'm so obsessed with it!

If you are in the mood to shop, which I definitely have been check out GoodTwice and use my code: PINCHOFGINGER for 30% off your next purchase through August 15.  

They have pretty great sales regularly so make sure you are following them on social media to get notified: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

I'm pretty much obsessed with them and check them once a day to see new arrivals, things go crazy fast and you never know what they are going to have.

I would love to know what goodies you find, let me know in a comment below!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Instagram Roundup

This week was crazy with getting back in the swing of things from our NC trip and then having a holiday right smack in the middle of the week.  Makes things interesting.  Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July.  We didn't really do too much, hung around the house, had brats and beans, watched Captain America 2 (because 'Merica) and got S'mores blizzards.  We also watched a few fireworks in our neighborhood.  How did you celebrate?

I am obsessed with my Oventure key ring.  I love the blue snake print and it is such a handy little holder.
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I picked up this kimono and bag from Goodtwice, which is an online thrift store that I recently discovered and am OBSESSED with!!  Blog post coming this week all about my haul.
You can use code PINCHOFGINGER for 30% off your next purchase on their website through August 15. 

I love this spot at the Bass Pro store, such a fun spot!  Last time we were there we stopped for a little bit and relaxed by the water.

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This picture is from the Lake Lure flowering bridge from our most recent trip.  Check out more here.

I just recently discovered Peach, a women's clothing company and am definitely a fan.  I picked up the Luna top and it is crazy comfy and perfect for wearing out and about or to the gym.

I love being cozy and these Fuzzy Babba velvet slippers are so soft!!  I have pretty much been living in them around the house.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Trip to NC: wedding, lake and food!

We just recently got back from a trip to NC to attend the wedding of Kyle's cousin (pretty much sister) we also decided to go to the lake and make a mini vacation out of it.

Free Tea Day happened to fall on the day we were driving out so we stopped and picked one up.  McAlister's tea is my favorite!

We got to NC around 9 that night and then made a trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  I pretty much always get the Fresh Start breakfast, that blueberry muffin y'all!

I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in Kyle's cousin's wedding so we attended the rehearsal dinner.  I was off my game and didn't get a picture of our dinner but it was delicious!  I had pest chicken and green beans, salad, mashed potatoes and the biggest slice of coconut cake I have ever seen in my life!

I spent the night with the bridesmaids and we talked, hung out and discussed marriage.  I didn't know any of the other girls going into the wedding but they were so sweet and inviting I had such a great time getting to know them.

Wedding day started with a Starbucks run to get the bride some coffee and then on to getting ready for the big day!

Photo by Jessica Gardner
Photo by Jessica Gardner

Photo by Jessica Gardner

Photo by Jessica Gardner

Photo by Jessica Gardner

Photo by Jessica Gardner

Such a beautiful and sweet wedding.  I was blessed to be apart of the special day.  We had such a great time seeing family and friends and making new friends.

After the wedding we started the next day with a drive to the lake, but first we stopped at my favorite bagel spot.  Bruegger's Bagels is my absolute favorite.  I got a cinnamon sugar bagel with cream cheese and they also had coconut coffee for summer which they should make a thing year round because it was AMAZING!!

I have been coming to Lake Lure since I was a baby, my grandparents have a house on the lake and I have been so blessed to be able to grow up at this lake.  Fun fact, Dirty Dancing and The Last of the Mohicans were both filmed here.

Not a lot better than starting the day off with coffee by the lake.


There was a little family of ducks that would swim up to the dock a couple times a day and we would feed them.

Such a beautiful lake, the mountains are my favorite!

My family also got to come up for the day and it was so great to see my parents and sisters, just missed the brother.  We went on boat rides, floated around and hung out.

Here's a picture of my grandparents' house...just kidding this is the castle on the lake.  It is so gorgeous and I would love to see what it looks like inside.

We only had one rainstorm but it left us with the most beautiful sunset.

We had such a great trip, it is always nice to get back to NC and see our families.