Monday, January 12, 2015

Cozy Day Must Haves

Cozy Day Must Haves

Cozy Day Must Haves by erin-rucker-richardson featuring a heart shaped mug

Since it has been absolutely FREEZING here the last couple of days I thought I would share my cozy day must-haves.  I mean who actually wants to do anything on cold days except stay inside cuddled up and be lazy??

Here are my must-haves for a cozy comfy day:

- Comfy Sweatshirt: Nothing better than an oversized sweatshirt and this one from Pink is so soft and warm! 

- Cozy leggings: Do you actually want to put on real pants?  Nope, these fleece lined leggings ones are perfect for comfy cozy days.  

- Fuzzy socks: Fun fuzzy socks are pretty much required :)

- Slippers: To top off your fuzzy socks , how pretty are these from American Eagle?  Bows and glitter! 

- Tazo chai tea: My absolute favorite chai !  So relaxing and warms you up.  

- laptop: You need something to binge watch Netflix on while you cozy up in bed...this is the one I have.  

- warm throw: I mean you have to have a blanket to get extra cozy and these cashmere throws from Parachute are absolute perfection.  They also have a selection of the most luxurious bedding around, check them out here

- good book: When you take a break from Netflix you can switch it up and get caught up in a great book, I have been wanting to start Gone Girl since I got it for Christmas.  

- mug: I promise that chai tastes so much better in a cute mug and seriously how adorable is this bacon one?  

- candle: I automatically feel more cozy if I have a candle burning and this one in Vanilla Cedarwood from Bath & Bodyworks is my absolute favorite.  It's warm and sweet but also a little manly.  

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  1. Those slippers and blankets are fabulous picks! But I'd take the whole collage with me to the couch ;-)

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  2. You, my friend, have just described all the components to my perfect weekend evening! <3 All I'd add to that would be my cat and my space heater! :D

  3. I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works candles and I LOVE those slippers! This is the perfect list of cozy day must-haves! Great post!

  4. Love the VS sweatshirt and slippers! Such a great list!

  5. This list is perfect. I have to have a good book, hot latte, comfy socks, and an even comfier blanket.