Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oh just another shopping haul

Oh my goodness do I have a haul for you, so my little sister and I went shopping last weekend and had a blast.  Spent too much money and had some good quality time together.  Anyways here is a review of the day and all the goodies I found:

1. Plato's Closet- This is only my 3rd time ever going to one of these stores and I am falling in love.  It is a consignment store so they sell used name brand clothes for good prices.

I found this adorable Old Navy shift dress for $8.00!  Love the style and the colors are so pretty!

2. Rugged Wearhouse- I love me some Rugged Wearhouse this store is a little like a T. J. Maxx or a Ross because it sells name brand clothes that come from other stores...but much cheaper!

Yes that is right I got this dress for $1.00!!  Seriously I couldn't pass this up!!

I also picked up a wax melt in Fresh Linen.  I have a million ones that smell like Christmas and winter but I thought it would be nice to have something fresh for the summer.

3. Ross- I love Ross, such cute things and such good deals

Yep $6.99 for this adorable shift dress.  I love the stripes and it is such a simple shape and style that I can have lots of fun with my accessories.

4. Hobby Lobby- I have talked about Hobby Lobby before but it is a HUGE craft/home decor store.  We actually made this shopping trip specifically to go and get craft supplies for my wedding but of course ended up with a whole lot more.

Wedding craft supplies..more on this later

They also had their Easter stuff on sale (90% off) and I got this adorable little chick plate for $0.39!

5. Michaels- So again we stopped here to look at wedding craft supplies and ended up with so much more.  Easter stuff was 80% off here so here are some things I got:

2 little jelly bean ramekins, I already have a few of these but they are perfect for making little desserts and things in them...and seriously how cute are these?? and at $0.39 I couldn't resist

My sister and I love making Oreo Balls (maybe a recipe sometime) and we use the melted chocolate to cover them.  We usually pay around $2 a bag for the chocolate.  These bags were on sale for $0.59!  I got 3, they are marshmallow flavored and we have never tied that before but I'm thinking some kind of S'more recipe might be in the works.

This was a completely random impulse buy, don't judge.  I have seen these little retro cell phone hookups around for a while and I secretly wanted to try them.  Sometimes when I am talking on the phone at my house I get tired of holding my phone to my face (oils and its uncomfortable).  This one is easier to hold, more comfortable and I don't get that oily phone residue.  Bonus it was on sale for less than $2

This is a present for my brother that we picked up.  They had all kinds of Super Hero key caps but he likes Batman so we went with that.  And they were only $0.39

I love Michaels Thank You cards, I always pick them up when they have a good sale.  These are adorable and were only $0.80
They had all kinds of jewelry (necklaces, rings, and earrings) for 50% off and I picked up this little key necklace for $1.49.  Would be perfect for a gift as well!

6. T.J. Maxx- Oh how I love you T.J. Maxx, I can always find something.  This time I just picked up 2 basics:

I have been buying these makeup wipes from T.J. Maxx for a while now and really like them.  They smell nice, they take my makeup off and they are only $3.99 for 60.

I also picked up another bottle of the essie nail polish top coat, I already have one but I wanted to make sure I snagged another bottle for $4.99 before they disappear (seriously if you see something at T.J. Maxx you better get it, things disappear and don't come back)

7. Target- is hit or miss for me.  Oh trust me I always find things I love...I just don't like to pay full price for them.  I am a clearance shopper at target with a capital C.  Here are some of my clearance finds:

This adorable white short sleeved high low sweatshirt 70% for $7.48

Cutest little wallet that I plan on using to keep my coupons and loyalty cards in.  Found on clearance for less than $3

I had never tried Izze soda and always wanted to.  They had 4 packs on sale 2 for $5 so I got two of the blackberry and am loving them!

8. Rue21- This store is hit or miss for me, sometimes they have really great sales and sometimes I walk out empty handed.  This trip my sister found some sandals and I got this beautiful navy and paisley infinity scarf for $2!  Love it!

And what shopping trip would be complete without a trip to Starbucks??

We took advantage of the Frappy Hour (half price frappuccionos from 3-5) and treated ourselves to 2 white mocha frappuccinos (my personal favorite)

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