Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What to bring on your Cruise

What to bring on your Cruise

Travel Mug: Coffee, water, lemonade and juices are provided on the ship free of charge.  The cups they provide are pretty small so a travel mug is perfect for getting a normal amount of liquid and you can carry it around with you.  

Cardigan: I freeze in air conditioning so a cardigan was a must for me!  I brought one to dinner every night and it definitely came in handy.  You would be surprised how chilly the decks can get at night with the breeze as well.  

Wristlet: I carried this guy with me all week.  On the ship they give you a card that is your room key, payment info, and your way on and off the ship.  This is obviously something important to hang onto and something you will need on a daily basis.  I kept mine in my wristlet along with my id, phone and Chapstick.  

Water Bottle: Again small cups are the only things provided and sometimes your spot for the day is far away from any sort of refreshment.  A water bottle is great to carry with you and stay hydrated.  

Plastic bags: I stuffed a couple of these in my suitcase and was so glad I did.  They came in handy for keeping our passports together and clean, keeping sand out of my phone and also storing things like bathing suits and such in larger ones.  

Beach bag: On excursion days we brought one beach bag with our ship towels, sunscreen, books, and whatever else we needed for the day.  I love a big bag with comfy handles and a cute design.  

Floppy hat: I almost didn't wear my floppy hat but was so glad I did.  I wore the stank out of mine.  It was so nice to wear around and keep the sun off my face and shoulders.  

Sunglasses: These are an obvious must-have.  They are great for lazy days when you don't want to do your makeup but still want to look semi cute.  

Powerstrip: Little known fact of cruise ship rooms: they have about two plug in spots, not even kidding.  We survived because we really weren't using our phones and didn't have a lot of electronic devices to plug in.  If you have more than two appliances to plug in bring one of these suckers.  

Sunscreen: Again this is a no brainier but make sure you bring it!  My husband got burnt in less than thirty minutes in the sun.  Trust me that sun is intense! 

Highlighter: You might think I am crazy but we actually used ours.  Everyday you get a ship itinerary for the day.  There is a lot going on in a day and you want to make sure you don't miss things.  We used highlighters to go through the list the night before and mark what we liked. This helped to keep track of what we wanted to do.  

What are your must-haves, tips and tricks?

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  1. I've never been on a cruise unfortunately, but will definitely come back to your post when I do. My husband and I would love to go on a cruise in a year or so, it sounds like so much fun!! :)