Monday, June 13, 2016

5 Things I always buy at the Dollar Tree

Ahh Dollar Tree.  It was once my favorite place to go as a child because it provided cheap treats and toys.  I didn't' have access to a good store for years and didn't feel like it was worth it to walk around...boy was I missing out!

What makes Dollar Tree so great?  You don't have to wait for a sale ad to score a great deal, everything is the same price all the time.  You can also use coupons to save even more.  Some stores do have a limit so know their policy.  Also check the quantity amount to make sure your item qualifies.
Remember inventory varies by store and changes all the time so check them out frequently and if you have multiple stores check them out too!

Dollar Tree does have a lot of products that are not worth $1...but you do find some hidden gems that make it worthwhile.  If you search around and know what to look for you can find brand name, full size products for much less than retail.

Here are some things I always look for at Dollar Tree:

1. Fresh bread: Did you know you can get fresh bread for $1?  It is exactly the same as the bread at the grocery store, just a closer expiration.  I keep my bread in the refrigerator or freeze it if I buy multiples and it lasts past the expiration.

2. Turkey Bacon: My husband and I love to have breakfast for dinner.  We have also been trying to eat a little healthier so we have turned to eating turkey bacon for over a year.  Now it isn't as good as regular bacon but the flavor is still tasty and we really like it.  This bacon is in a smaller quantity than in the grocery store but the amount is perfect for just the two of us.  I like to buy a lot and freeze them so we always have it on hand.   

3. Makeup: Another thing to keep an eye out for is brand name makeup at Dollar Tree, yep that's right Brand Name!  I have seen e.l.f., Maybelline, Physician's Formula, essie and others.  I always swing by the makeup aisle while in the store just to see if they have any new brand name products.  Use a coupon if you have it! 

4. Canned soups: Soups can cost as much as $2 apiece or more at grocery stores but you can sometimes pick them up here for half price or less.  Brand name no less like Progresso and Campbell's.  

5. Cards and gift bags: Cards are so expensive, seriously some are up to $5 or more!! At Dollar Tree you can get regular ones two for 50 cents or a little bit nicer ones for $1 apiece.  You can also pick up a package of blank cards for $1, these are adorable and had a $3 price marked on them for retail.  


What are your favorite things to pick up at Dollar Tree?  

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