Saturday, March 19, 2016

Magic Kingdom must eats

You already know that I went to Disney for a week (for work???) I had the best time!  I also got to try all kinds of food.  Now theme parks are notorious for up-charging mediocre food.  Disney is a culprit of this as well, however, I did find a few winners that I would totally buy again:

1. Pot Roast Mac and Cheese from The Friar's Nook in Magic Kingdom: I am a Mac and Cheese connoisseur and enthusiast so I had to find the best mac and cheese in all of Disney.  This is pricey at $8 a bowl but the mac and cheese was deliciously creamy and cheesy, the pot roast tender and well marinated I just needed a little more meat.  It was delicious and big enough to share.  

2. Dole Whip: Alright so this is that Disney treat that everyone raves about.  I was so excited to have my first one.  It was good but I don't know if I would buy it again.  It is really pineappley.  I heard there were vanilla swirl dole whips but unfortunately not in Magic Kingdom.  I would love to try a vanilla one, I think the combo of vanilla and pineapple would make it a little more my style and tone down the pineapple just a little (like a delicious pineapple and cream).  

3. Lefou's Brew: This was from Gaston's Tavern and definitely could be shared.  It was fun to try and really interesting flavor.  It is a frozen apple juice with marshmallow syrup flavor and a passionfruit foam.  Sounds crazy weird but it was really good.  

4: Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel: Ahhh I think this was my favorite treat of all!  I would pick this up everytime I go to Disney!!  It is only found in Tomorrowland and is one of the cheapest treats at $4.  It's a delicious pretzel filled with an even more delicious sweet cream cheese filling.  It's nice and warm and so delicious!  Highly highly recommend.  

What are your favorite snacks at Disney? 

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