Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Influenster VoxBox: Loreal Paris Straight hair don't care

Alright guys I got another VoxBox!  This one was awesome seriously 4 FULL size products!  Now one of my products did explode a little bit...which is annoying but it smells amazing!  

If you don't know what influenster voxboxes are check out my post here.  
They give you free products to try and you give your opinions.  

This time I got 4 free hair products:

This stuff is pretty great.  It smells amazing!  Probably one of my favorite hair product smells ever! 

I usually wear my hair straight so this was perfect.  I don't really know if there was a difference of straightness from the shampoo/conditioner but the balm was great.  I love a good hair treatment and especially if it makes my morning routine a little easier.  It cut the frizz which is great with this humidity and it made my hair really soft.    


Have you guys tried this line?  What did you think?

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