Saturday, November 22, 2014

Why you should join influenster

So I have blogged about this before but if you haven't ever heard of influenster listen up.  Here's the deal on influenster: It’s a completely free program for anyone to join.  You are sent VoxBoxes based on your answers to surveys, so as long as you sign up and stay active on their website, there’s a very good chance you’ll be sent a VoxBox at some point.

How do they give you free products?  Well you make a profile and then go through and rate products.  They aren't weird random products but products that you have actually used and love.  By rating products and answering questions you earn badges and then they reward you with the VoxBoxes.  

These VoxBoxes are not full or wimpy little sizes but actual FULL SIZE samples.  Seriously they have sent boxes with Victoria's Secret sports bras! 

They do boxes every once and awhile and then let you know via email if you qualify.  Those little emails are such a surprise and its like getting a little present in the mail!   

Their boxes are all bright and fun so you get your mail and know its something awesome!

After you get your box (and have spent your time squealing over the contents) you share the contents with social you wouldn't do that anyway.  This can be done through instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube or a blog.

Some of my past VoxBoxes:

Go and create an account on influenster and start rating and answering questions and you will be on your way to a squeal worthy present from influenster!

Oh and the more active you are on influenster the more likely you are to get boxes!

Check them out:

I received these Voxboxes complimentary to test and review, all opinions are my own :)

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