Monday, March 16, 2015

What's In My Purse

Alright guys, so I love to look at the article in US Weekly about what's in the star's handbag and I the what's in my bag videos are one of my favorites on I thought I would do a post on what's in my purse here.  First of all my purse is the New Directions Willa Hobo from Belk, I talk about it in my Five Things Friday.
So for all you nosy people like's what's in my purse:
  • wallet, mine is Kenneth Cole.  I think I got it at Ross.  I actually have two of the same style in different colors because I love the layout so much.  I looked it up and it's the Urban Organizer Clutch Wallet 
  • planner- picked this one up from Target on sale for like $2 and put a monogram sticker on it.  I have a planner on my phone but there is just something about writing down my plans and things going on 
  • Bath and Bodyworks mini lotion in Charmed Life, this scent is actually discontinued :(
  • a pen...because I always need one
  • card organizer wallet from Target, I have so many gift cards, rewards cards and id cards so I got this little mini wallet to organize them
  • Life Choice White Chocolate Pretzel Meal Bar, I like to keep bars in my purse in case I'm starving at work, forget breakfast or need a meal on the go.  These are pretty good for a meal bar.  
  • a hair tie
  • not one but two packs of gum..and I did have three this morning until my husband stole one.  I have the Extra Dessert Delights in Mint Chocolate Chip, Stride Sour Patch Kids Redberry, my absolute favorite gum is the Orbit Sweet Mint (which my husband has...) 
  • mini tissue pack with Disney Princesses on it...I got them from the Dollar Tree and thought they were adorable (funny story my husband had a cold and needed to take tissues to work one day and the only ones we had were the Disney Princesses...he's adorable btw)
  • I also have two pouches...I am a firm believer in the purse inside a purse thing:
    • leopard print: This one is my tech case.  I have my headphones, chargers and other electrical things (very exciting)
    • the red bag is my absolute favorite pouch from Sonia Kashuk for Target.  This one has two separate pouches and so much organization potential.  I keep all my beauty supplies in here (lippies, mascara, nail clippers, medicine...whatever else a girl may need 

So that's what's in my or minus some trash and receipts.  What do you guys keep in your purse?

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  1. A very well written post and beautiful clutch and things you are!

  2. If there is money in there, it's mine. I remember where I lost it now. LOL