Saturday, January 7, 2017

2016 in was pretty Awesome!

It's the beginning of the New Year and I've been reflecting on the past year.  2016 was pretty awesome!  

I got a new job in November of 2015 so 2016 was full swing.  I got to travel and see lots of different places.  I'm so thankful for this opportunity and all the things I got to experience this year.  

In April I got to experience Playlist Live Orlando for the first time.  It was a crazy experience seeing all the fans, creators and be a part of it.

While at Playlist Live I had the chance to have dinner at the Four Seasons!  It was such an awesome experience.  The food was amazing and being on Disney property we got to watch the fireworks from the balcony.

Universal Studios was another cool thing this year.  We got to go to Universal Studios one night after closing and have free range for three hours.  It was my first time and it was awesome!  I even got to try some Butterbeer!

My brother graduated in May and he was commissioned as an officer.  Kyle and I really enjoyed celebrating this special day with him and family.  The night before graduation we went out with my siblings to celebrate.  We ended up at a Karaoke bar and had so much fun hanging out.  We don't get to see each other very often so time together is always fun.  

At the end of May Kyle and I had the chance to go on a cruise to Bahamas with his mom and stepdad.  I had never been on a cruise before so I was super excited!  It was so much fun to spend time with everyone and experience the ship.  Check out my blog post here!

June ended with my first trip to California!!  I was so excited to see the West Coast and experience California life.  We went to Malibu, the Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood and Venice Beach.  I also had my first In-N-Out experience :)  We ended the trip going to VidCon!

July brought a trip to San Francisco and I had such a great time!!  We had a sweet friend who lives there and he showed us around like a local.  We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, the Full House house and other Full House things, Alcatraz, Muir Woods and so much more.  It was a really awesome trip!

Travel slowed down a little and my bosses decided to venture into opening an online boutique!  I was really excited to be a part of this new adventure.  With that being started we made trips to Atlanta for the Apparel Market.  It was such a neat experience to see all the vendors and participate in the buying process.  P.S. Check out the store here.

Living in Alabama it is always exciting to go back to North Carolina and visit our family.  We love spending time with everyone and getting back to our roots of where we grew up.

Kyle and I also found a church we have really fallen in love with.  The people are so sweet and inviting.  We love worshiping and fellowship and look forward to Sunday mornings.  

The last big trip of the year was to New York.  I had been one time back in college and was really excited to go back.  This trip was filled with awesome experiences: we stayed in a downtown townhouse, went on a helicopter ride around the city, and ate at really neat places (including Shake Shack). 

This year ended with not one but FOUR trips to Disney!!  One of those being Disneyland which was such a cool experience!

2016 was such an awesome year!  I am so thankful for all the things I got to experience and the places I got to travel to.  It was definitely a year for the books and one I won't forget.
I hope you all had a great year and I wish you all the best as you start 2017!

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