Sunday, June 26, 2016

Make money with your Fitbit???

My husband got a FitBit for me for Christmas and I love it!  I've been trying to get healthier this year and was surprised when I found out I could earn money for doing things I was already doing.  Interested?  Here are 3 ways you can earn money with your FitBit:

1. Earn Walgreens Balance Rewards Points for every mile you walk: For those of you new to drugstore shopping, Balance Rewards are customer loyalty points that you can use like money at Walgreens.  You can earn 250 points just for signing up your FitBit (or other health app).  Then you will earn 20 points for every mile you walk.  So 5,000 points can get you $5, and keep going from there.    

2. Earn 1 point for every 100 steps you take on Higi was new to me but they are health monitoring stations found in grocery stores and pharmacies (Rite Aid, Whole Foods, etc).  You can earn 1 point for every 100 steps you take then redeem them for discounts and freebies.  Download the Higi app now! 

3. Get $2 on Shop Your Way for every 15 miles you walk: Shop Your Way is partnered with KMart, Sears and Land's End.  You get$2 for every 15 miles you walk to use at any of the three stores.   

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