Friday, June 24, 2016

Latest deal finds

Good deals are my weakness...I just can't walk away.  

I was at the Dollar Treerecently picking up cards and bacon...I searched through the books and found these two interesting finds.  Don't ignore the book section at Dollar Tree guys!  Yes, sometimes it is seriously lacking but once in a while you will find a selection of nice actually good books.  

I also checked out the makeup section and found a lot of higher quality Wet n' Wild products (just in weird packages).  This Fergie eyeshadow palette in Milano was a great find.  They had a lot of the more colorful palettes but j managed to scoop up the very last nude one.  If I remember correctly it was $5 or more when it was sold at the drugstore.  

I have been using it and love it!  Wet n' Wild shadows are always great and these are no different.  They are buttery soft and so pigmented! 

I also found two things while browsing The clearance section at Wal-Mart.  

Being a Disney lover myself and the fact that I have been to Disney twice this year already I figured my phone needed to get dressed in the Disney Magic. This Minnie case is too cute and perfect for capturing that Disney moment on my phone in the park.  

I also found the Sally Hansen airbrushed legs spray in light.  I have heard so much about this product and had never tried it. Your girl has super white legs and this puppy is supposed to transform them into legs that you don't have to hide anymore.  

What have you found lately? 

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