Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our Dollywood experience and why you should visit

My husband and I had the chance to go back to our honeymoon spot to celebrate our one year anniversary and we went to Dollywood!  This is one of my absolute favorite theme parks!

Here's what makes Dollywood different:

  • Beautiful and comfortable park: There are so many benches, picnic tables and indoor/outdoor theaters.  Lots of places to rest and relax...maybe get a snack.  The park is built right in the mountains so there are lots of trees and shady areas.  I just think it is one of the prettier theme parks.

  • Family Friendly Atmosphere: We don't have children yet but this park is great for families.  There are rides for young kids and old kids (like me and my husband) and then everything in between.  There are also shows and attractions to fit everyone.   

Sorry for the bad quality, this was a show at the Valley Theater that we stumbled upon and really enjoyed.  They sang different country music from the classics to contemporary.  
  • Rich in History of Tennessee and a Great Story: The neat thing about Dollywood is the story, how Dolly Parton brought her town out of poverty by building tourists attractions.  Dollywood has a museum all about Dolly Parton's life and music history, you can walk inside her tour bus and there are so many shows going on so you get the chance to hear some bluegrass/country music (and it is great!)

Inside this mill is the most wonderful smell of freshly baked cinnamon bread, we didn't try any but the smell!  Oh my goodness!! 

Of course the main reason to go is to ride some rides!  Here are our top 4 favorite rides:

1. Wild Eagle: This one wins hands down.  We rode it 6 times!  It is one of the newer rides and it is awesome.  The ride is set up like an eagles wings and two people sit under the wing.  Then you go up and up and up and drop and twist and turn and corkscrew around.  It is super fast and crazy but really smooth too.  We hardly had to wait at all to ride this one.  Most of the time we got off and got right back on.  The only time we had to wait was to ride in the front...but that was totally worth it! 

2.  Tennessee Tornado: This is an oldie but it's still good.  It's definitely not at smooth as the Wild Eagle but it is still fast and crazy.  

One thing I love about Dollywood is their attention to detail.  They have so many cute signs and decorations around the park . 

3. Blazing Fury: Yes this is a kids ride but I think it's worth riding.  The set up and detail of the ride inside are really neat.  It's like Pirates of the Caribbean except western.  My favorite is the waterfall part!

4. Daredevil Falls: This one is a water ride, so be prepared for that.  You ride in a big log through the pretty scenery and then start up the hill where you go through a cave.  Then you take a quick fall and splash down the hill.  It's a great ride and one of my favorites when I came here as a kid.  

My Dollywood tickets were supplied free on the basis of providing a review of the park.  All opinions are my own.  

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