Sunday, May 3, 2015

What I read in April

April was a busy month so I only got around to reading 3 books...even if they were pretty big books:

The Book Thief: This was my favorite one I read this month.  It was amazing!  The writing was spectacular and so creative.  It is told from the perspective of Death and follows a young girl living during World War II.  Her experiences and the things she sees are heartbreaking.  There was a movie made after the book that I am anxiously waiting to see! 

Before I Fall: I borrowed this one from my sister.  This story follows a young girl in high school who keeps replaying the day she dies.  Each day she does something different to see if she can change it.  It was such a great story about how we impact the people in our lives.  I think this story is perfect for teenage girls, it's important for them to know that how they treat people can really have an impact.    

Beautiful Chaos (Beautiful Creatures): I really wasn't very excited about this one...I just didn't really get too excited about the Beautiful Creatures series.  The story is creative and all but I just didn't really get into all the crazy witch, caster, immortal thing.  I did like the first book pretty good but the second book Lena really just got on my nerves...I read the third book because I bought them all together and felt like I needed to.  It wasn't bad (the ending is crazy) but still not really a fan of Lena (sorry).  If you liked the first ones check this one out.  

What have you guys been reading lately?

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