Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wedding DIY: Church decorations

Alright I promise I am almost done with all the wedding blog posts...

You know I am always trying to save money so I did all the decorations myself with the help of my friends and family.

Here is how I decorated the church for the ceremony:

I am so blessed to belong to such a beautiful church 

I actually borrowed these wreaths from my church but you could easily make them with some fake flowers, hot glue and a wreath from Michael's 

I wanted the aisle decorations to be simple and pretty and feature...of's breath.  

They were so simple to make too, just take some white tulle, wrap around the pew and line them up at the bottom.  Trim the ends and then tie with a ribbon and stick some sprigs of baby's breath in the top, seriously so easy.  

They look beautiful all together.  I also draped some tulle on the railings on the stairs leading up to the stage and tied with the ribbon.  My bridesmaid also came up with the idea to use some of the leftover baby's breath and line the tops of the piano alcoves  (is that what they are called..anyway they lined the tops of the walls covering the piano and organ)

I also rented some candleholders from a local rental place in my town.  

I loved the effect that if had on the church, again so rustic and simple but still elegant and beautiful.  I had so many compliments on the look of the church and how beautiful the baby's breath was! 

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