Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Marriage Equality

I just wanted to share an article that I found that presents really good points on the issue of Marriage Equality. 


Some of my favorite lines:

"everyone can acknowledge God’s design and live in accordance with it.  Homosexuality is not completely a choice.  But it involves a choice.  Homosexuality is not who you are – there is no data to support this – it’s an invention of our culture.  Homosexuality is what you do.  While you may at first claim that I am a bigot for saying this, this message contains hope: you don’t have to live in this unfulfilling way any more.  It may seem fulfilling for a moment, but submit yourself to God’s Word and you will live.  I should know.  I am nothing but an undeserving sinner who is among those above who “have been washed.”

"Scripture speaks ironically of a time of the Judges.  Ironic because today the Supreme Court judges are going to rule in a way that may change society and the propagation of a people forever.  During this biblical time of Judges, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”  The rest of the book tells a sad, sad story of a people with no real moral compass. I pray we would return to God, humbly, forsaking our own vain opinions.  It won’t be easy.  But it will be good."

Check it out!



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