Friday, July 21, 2017

Five Things Friday

Disney Coffee Cozy: The cutest coffee cozy ever!!  I have been throwing one in my purse in case I need to add a little Disney magic to my coffee.  These are handmade and Catherine has so many cute patch options.   

Halo Top: Oh my goodness this ice cream is amazing!!!!!  These are a semi healthy option in the ice cream department.  You have probably seen them on instagram and if you haven't tried them yet go do it.  They are all less than 400 calories for the entire pint, some are less than 300.  Kyle and I have tried the Birthday Cake, Black Cherry, Sea Salt Caramel and Peanut Butter Cup.  They all taste like regular ice cream and are delicious.  We typically split a container and don't feel too bad if we end up finishing the pint.  Our Wal-Mart has started carrying them and there is a Red Velvet pint I can't wait to try next.  

Zulily: I used to be obsessed with Zulily in college and then forgot about it somehow.  I recently rediscovered it and I'm back on the Zulily bandwagon.  They are one of those deal sites with new deals everyday.  They have everything from home decor to kids clothes.  Oh and it is free to sign up, so you have nothing to loose! 

Braided Headband: Y'all these headbands are a bad hair day lifesaver!!  They almost match my hair exactly and are so comfortable!!  I have been throwing it on over a ponytail to add a little umph.  Last Sunday I threw it on over a messy bun and the little old ladies were raving about it.    

Quilted Slip Ons: If you follow me on instagram you would know how much I love these shoes...they have been on serious repeat since I picked them up.  They are originally from Target but I got them from Dirt Cheap for $6!!  They did take a little time to break in but now they are so comfortable and I wear them absolutely all the time.  They are also an identical dupe to a Steve Madden version that is double the cost.  

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