Friday, June 2, 2017

Five Things Friday

Joey Feek: I had heard about Joey and Rory before but never really listened to their music.  Over Christmas we watched the story of Joey and her lost battle with cervical cancer.  She was such an interesting and strong lady.  Her album "If Not For You" has been something I find myself listening to and have fallen in love.  She released it in 2005 and the songs are beautiful.  Her voice is beautiful and the story told through the music and behind the music is what makes it.   

Cheers: Kyle and I have been watching this for months and are on season 3.  This was a show my parents watched when I was younger and I remember a few episodes.  The writing is really good, characters are likable and it has really good humor.  If you haven't seen it all the seasons are on Netflix, it's worth a watch.  

Gala Apples: This is a weird favorite...but I have really been enjoying Gala apples.  Not just any apples it has to be a Gala.  I never used to like apples, they were fine but I wouldn't pick one up and be excited about it.  Gala's are sweeter and have a crispness that I love.  If you haven't tried them, I recommend them.  

Simple Addiction Capri Leggings: I have talked about Simple Addiction a few times before.  I am a big fan of their regular leggings.  They just recently released a capri legging collection for spring and I had t get pair.  They are the same quality as the long version and I love them.  They are the softest leggings ever!  They also have a wide waistband so they don't dig into your skin and are so comfortable!  I love to wear leggings and tunics but sometimes a long pair is just too hot, these are perfect!  Plus use code ginger15 to get 15% off!!     

Joseph Nogucci Bracelet: I found these bracelets on instagram and loved the classic look.  They have all different colors and beads.  The items are made with high quality pieces and you can definitely feel it.  They also always have some kind of deal going on (you know I'm all about that).  Right now they are offering your choice of a free bracelet (of your choice) and you just pay for shipping (right under $6).  These bracelets are so pretty to layer and create a fun arm party.

What have you been loving this week?   

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