Monday, June 12, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul: Home Decor, Makeup and Groceries

Y'all the Dollar Tree has been killing it lately and I cannot stop going!  They are always getting new stock in and you never know when they are going to slip in a brand name product.  They have also been stepping up their game in their own products.  Alright here's what I picked up:

I went in to find these aluminum trays.  I want to start preparing freezer meals for the week and I thought these would be perfect to store them.  I have used them and they work great for two people.  They are a little flimsy so be gentle with them and bake them on a pan.

They come three to a pack and each one has a cardboard lid.  I like them because you just throw your meal in the container, write the directions on the lid and pop them in the freezer.

I also picked up a pack of circular ones to try.

I have been meaning to pick up a delicates bag for laundry for a long time and Dollar Tree delivered.  I haven't tested this one yet (so it may fall apart) but it feels like good quality.

These are a Dollar Tree staple for us.  Flossing with regular floss is hard but these little guys make it so much easier that we floss pretty much every day.

I have really been into fruity teas lately and thought I would pick this one up.  The flavor seems on par with the other tea bags I have tried.

This was in the spring section and I thought it was to cute!  I think it would be really cute to use for storage/decor and add that little rustic farmhouse vibe.

I found this guy in the storage and organization aisle.  It s meant for adding extra space in cabinets but I am planning on using it to create more space in my bathroom.  It isn't the sturdiest so I probably wouldn't put anything super heavy on it but for smaller items it will work.

I found more of these Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes!  I got the Spun Sugar which is a really pretty silvery color and Pink Pineapple which is the prettiest baby pink color.

My Dollar Tree had TONS of these acrylic makeup organizers...seriously where were these 5 years ago??  They are really great for holding lipstick, nail polish and any little makeup items.  I have one that I ordered online years ago for much more and they are the same quality.

The last thing were these two pretty mountain nature art prints.  I just really liked them.  They have that beautiful watercolor look and I love anything depicting the mountains.

Have you found anything a the Dollar Tree lately?  

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