Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cracker Barrel Haul: 80% Off Clearance

Kyle and I went to Cracker Barrel for an after church lunch, which was delicious by the way!  As we were walking in I saw the flash of a red sign and heard the clearance section calling.  

The clearance was marked at 80% off, this is the highest discount I have ever seen them do.  I have only ever seen 70 we went a little crazy.

This ring dish was $1.60 and perfect to keep around for a gift.

This rooster spoon rest was adorable and I'm planning to give it to my Mom (hopefully she won't read this...)  It was  $2.00.

This was another item I am saving for a gift, I really like to gift stockpile.  at less than $3 it was a great deal.

This syrup was a little over $1 and we couldn't pass it up.

At less than $2 this jam was a must try.  They have a new burger on the menu featuring this jam.

I had noticed the Reba collection a few months ago and loved it.  So finding it on clearance I had to have it!  I ended up stacking these bracelets for Stagecoach to add a western flair.  They were less than $4 for the set.

These crystal earrings were so pretty and at $2 I thought they were a perfect piece to add to an outfit.

These are another gift item, Reba earrings for $2, win!

Y'all I hit the jackpot on the clearance here!  Seriously I will be checking Cracker Barrel more often to see there deals.  If anyone knows their clearance schedule please let me know!!

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