Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cracker Barrel Haul: 80% Off Clearance

Kyle and I went to Cracker Barrel for an after church lunch, which was delicious by the way!  As we were walking in I saw the flash of a red sign and heard the clearance section calling.  

The clearance was marked at 80% off, this is the highest discount I have ever seen them do.  I have only ever seen 70 we went a little crazy.

This ring dish was $1.60 and perfect to keep around for a gift.

This rooster spoon rest was adorable and I'm planning to give it to my Mom (hopefully she won't read this...)  It was  $2.00.

This was another item I am saving for a gift, I really like to gift stockpile.  at less than $3 it was a great deal.

This syrup was a little over $1 and we couldn't pass it up.

At less than $2 this jam was a must try.  They have a new burger on the menu featuring this jam.

I had noticed the Reba collection a few months ago and loved it.  So finding it on clearance I had to have it!  I ended up stacking these bracelets for Stagecoach to add a western flair.  They were less than $4 for the set.

These crystal earrings were so pretty and at $2 I thought they were a perfect piece to add to an outfit.

These are another gift item, Reba earrings for $2, win!

Y'all I hit the jackpot on the clearance here!  Seriously I will be checking Cracker Barrel more often to see there deals.  If anyone knows their clearance schedule please let me know!!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Spring Disney Trip, Last Time for Wishes

These pictures have been a long time coming.  I went to Disney for a week in February/March and it was wonderful!  Epcot was doing the Flower and Garden Festival so they had the topiaries and all the food (even more than usual).  Here's a showcase of some of my favorite pictures from the trip: 

We stumbled on an airplane skywriter in the Magic Kingdom, just a little extra magic.

Dinosaur Land in Animal Kingdom is such a cute area!  It is one of my favorite parts of the park.  Primeval Whirl anyone??

This picture was such a lucky happening.  They were doing these Tangled pictures for just a short time and we stumbled on them at the themed restrooms.  There was definitely a line but it was such a neat picture opportunity, definitely worth the wait.

My last time seeing Wishes!  So sad it is gone but I am excited to see the new firework show.

Festival of Fantasy!!

Disney is always a fun trip!  Let me know your favorite things to do at Disney!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ross Haul

I hadn't been in Ross in months and decided to stop in to see what kind of deals I find.  

I have been wanting a french press for a long time since I had heard raving reviews.  I have only used it once but the quality of the coffee was great!  It does take a little more time so it has become a weekend thing at our house.

I was really excited to find these pyrex storage dishes.  My husband uses these to take his lunch to work in.  We didn't have enough to last the whole week so adding more to the collection was great and the price was awesome! 

What have you found lately?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Stagecoach Experience

I had the chance to go to Stagecoach this past month.  If you are unfamiliar with stagecoach (I was before now) it is a three day country music festival.  I love country music, it will forever have my heart.  I could not have been more excited!  

The festival was held in Coachella Valley in Palm Springs (the same place where they have Coachella, notice the ferris wheel).  I tried to go cowgirl chic with my outfits for the weekend, loved this fringe vest!

Staying in Palm Springs was so beautiful, just look at those palm trees!

Y'all that's Mr. Willie Nelson himself.  Such a cool thing to hear him in person.  His family was there with him on stage and they are crazy talented as well.  Seriously go look up his son.

Brett Eldrege! 

My favorite performance was without a doubt Shania Twain!!  She gave me all the 90's feels and was absolutely amazing!

She brought out Kelsea Ballerini to sing "Any Man of Mine".  It was such a surprise and oh my goodness she is so adorable.

Mrs. Twain was full of surprises and brought out no one other than Nick Jonas to sing "Party for Two".  It was such a cool thing to see!

They had these really cool art sculptures around.  This one was lit up and would change colors at night. 

Elle King was someone I was really surprised by.  I had only heard two of her songs so I was really unfamiliar.  She was really sweet and down to earth, very real.  Her voice is absolutely amazing and I have now been listening to her songs on repeat.  Especially "America's Sweetheart" and "Make You Smile".

Oh and to start the weekend off we ran into Thomas Rhett at the airport!!!

Dierks Bentley!

Dierks has a duet with Elle King so he brought her out and they were great!

It was super dusty and hot but having country music playing all day was my kind of festival.  I loved being able to break out my boots and my inner cowgirl.