Friday, April 28, 2017

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Emergen-C: Yes that's right, the vitamin drink mix is one of my favorites this week.  I received a sample of the Mango Apricot flavor and fell in love, only to find out it was discontinued.  I went to Target a couple of weeks ago and found the triple berry flavor on clearance.  I figured I would go ahead and pick it up.  Now it is no Mango Apricot but it tastes pretty good and I feel like it can only be doing good for my immunity.  

When Calls the Heart: Erin Kakow is pretty much the cutest thing ever.  She is the main character in this Hallmark show.  The storyline follows Elizabeth, a woman from high society, who moves to a small coal mining town to teach school.  She gets  culture shock but eventually finds her place.  The story is really sweet and bubble gummy but I got sucked in and have really been enjoying it.  P.S. it is on Netflix.  

Simply Nature Creamy Coconut Bars: Oh my goodness these are my new favorite things!  I saw these at Aldi and they just jumped into my cart.  They are creamy and have just enough coconut flavor to not be overpowering.  They have other flavors there and I can't wait to try those too.  

Rose Quartz Necklace: Jack Jack and Co was sweet enough to send me this necklace and I am in love!  It is the perfect simple piece to wear alone or layer with other items.  I love simple dainty necklaces thrown on together.  I am loving the rose quartz as well.  They also have just recently released dainty essential oil diffuser necklaces.    

Gekks: I saw these socks advertised on the Money Saving Mom (love her!) and thought they looked really cool.  I have a couple pairs of shoes where it is hard to wear normal socks because either they show or they never feel right in the shoe.  These socks solve that!  They are a revolutionary sock that stick to your shoe and stays there.  They are made with silver in the yarn which is supposed to keep your feet from stinking.  I have a pair in my floral booties that I couldn never get socks to work with and love them!  Check them out and use my code ThriftyGinger5 for $5 off your order!     

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