Monday, February 13, 2017

What I Read in January

First month of the year done and I read four books, I'd say we are off to a great start.

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines: Along with the rest of the world I have fallen in love with the Gaines' family.  This book was really interesting to learn the story behind Fixer Upper.  You learn how Chip and Joanna met, their early years of marriage and how Fixer Upper came to be.  They are cute as can be and I want to be best friends with them.  

Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks: I have read pretty much every Nicholas Sparks book ever written.  Lately I have been disappointed by the books.  This one was a little disappointment as well.  The story was ok.  Husband and wife have issues, husband ends up raising daughter as single parent for the most part.  As per usual Nicholas Sparks tragedy happens and romance sparks.  There were a number of things in this book that I was really disappointed in and honestly a little irritated about.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: I have been wanting to read this book for a long time since I heard it mentioned on a few Youtube reviews.  It had a very Hunger Games/Divergent esque feel.  The Royals  (Silvers) are in charge, they have all the power as they have special abilities.  The regular people (Reds) don't have any abilities and are poor and unhappy.  By chance Mare Barrow, a red, discovers that she has a special ability as well.  She is taken in by the Royal family and is forced to prevent the Reds from starting a revolution.  With a member of the royal family she works with the revolution itself, an organization called The Scarlet Guard.  The story is really interesting, fast paced and I just wanted to keep reading it.    

The Heir by Kierra Cass: This is the followup to The Selection series.  The Selection had the prince hosting a selection to find his wife, very Bachelor.  The Heir is the story of the daughter of the selection.  She is now first in line for the throne and has a lot to learn.  She ends up having to have a selection herself (surprise).  It was interesting to see the selection from a girls point of view.  Yes it is a cheesy young teen romance but it's a quick read and I enjoyed it.

What have you been reading lately?   

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