Monday, February 20, 2017

Rue21 Haul

When I was in high school Rue21 was my jam.  The prices were good and the clothing was cute.  I haven't been in a Rue21 in quite sometime but I happened to be in the mall and just decided to stop in.  
One of my favorite things about Rue21 is their clearance, they are not afraid to mark things down.  So I don't ever pay full price there! 
I found a handful of things marked at $1.  They also had shoes clearanced out at 50% off, and other items marked at $3 and $5.  

I picked up the cutest pair of sunglasses.  I always love a tortoise style and the pink detail on the bottom is a cute pop.  These were originally $5.99.

They had a whole wall of  clearance jewelry, I found a pretty mauvey pink beaded bracelet set (originally $5.99).  I also found a sueded crystal wrap bracelet.  This is probably my favorite find, I love a pretty wrap bracelet.  This one was originally $6.99.

I have been on the lookout for more of the no show socks.  These are really nice, they even have the little silicone no slip part in the back.  They were originally $4.99.

I also got sucked into the sale they had going online.  Somehow I ended up on their email list and you know I love a sale.  I have been looking for a pair of over the knee sueded boots for a while.  These looked really pretty online, had a low heel and were a good price.

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