Monday, February 27, 2017

Recent Deal Finds

For those of you new to thrifting, now is a great time to start up.  Right after the New Year until about April is when you will find the best stuff.  People donated at the end of the year to get that tax refund in and then keep cleaning out their closet for the New Year.  

Here's my recent thrifting haul:

I found this leather wallet (no brand) for 99 cents.  It is brand new and great quality.  I have been looking for a little wallet for a while and I love all the nooks and crannies in this guy.  

I love a good cardigan and both of these were $1 each.  The thinner one is Old Navy and it is perfect for the spring when it is a little warmer.  The thicker one is a Walmart brand.  They are great quality and feel brand new.  

I love finding books and I was really excited to find Kristin Hannah.  She is one of my absolute favorite authors and I have been wanting to read this one.  Don't judge the cover, I know it looks like a Grandma book.  She is a really great author (go check out The Nightingale).  

My last find was one of my favorites.  I found this brand new condition North Face jacket for $10.  Now I don't usually pay that much at the thrift store but this was such a great item, I felt like it was worth the splurge.  I have one of the old fleece black jackets but have always really liked the soft furry ones. 

What have you found recently while thrifting?  

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