Monday, January 16, 2017

DIY Customized Disney Magicband

With four Disney trips this year, my Magicband was becoming a well worn accessory.  For those of you new to the Magicband world, they are your ticket, room key, and money for the parks.  I have the basic gray one that is a good neutral, I just felt like it needed a little extra sparkle to make it more Disney.  This was such a random project and takes five minutes or less but the results are so cute!

I started out ordering a castle sticker with a cute Minnie on it, I got it from etsy.  I love the color combo and Minnie's little bow.  I wanted to make sure it stayed put on my Magicband (we Disney hard) so I put a clear coat of nail polish over it.  After that dried I figured why not add some sparkle to the rest of the band and cover it in glitter nail polish.  It was super simple I just coated the band and let it dry.

My glitter polish did end up cracking a little bit when I put it on for the first time so try painting it when it is wrapped around something to limit this.  

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