Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Stagecoach Experience

I had the chance to go to Stagecoach this past month.  If you are unfamiliar with stagecoach (I was before now) it is a three day country music festival.  I love country music, it will forever have my heart.  I could not have been more excited!  

The festival was held in Coachella Valley in Palm Springs (the same place where they have Coachella, notice the ferris wheel).  I tried to go cowgirl chic with my outfits for the weekend, loved this fringe vest!

Staying in Palm Springs was so beautiful, just look at those palm trees!

Y'all that's Mr. Willie Nelson himself.  Such a cool thing to hear him in person.  His family was there with him on stage and they are crazy talented as well.  Seriously go look up his son.

Brett Eldrege! 

My favorite performance was without a doubt Shania Twain!!  She gave me all the 90's feels and was absolutely amazing!

She brought out Kelsea Ballerini to sing "Any Man of Mine".  It was such a surprise and oh my goodness she is so adorable.

Mrs. Twain was full of surprises and brought out no one other than Nick Jonas to sing "Party for Two".  It was such a cool thing to see!

They had these really cool art sculptures around.  This one was lit up and would change colors at night. 

Elle King was someone I was really surprised by.  I had only heard two of her songs so I was really unfamiliar.  She was really sweet and down to earth, very real.  Her voice is absolutely amazing and I have now been listening to her songs on repeat.  Especially "America's Sweetheart" and "Make You Smile".

Oh and to start the weekend off we ran into Thomas Rhett at the airport!!!

Dierks Bentley!

Dierks has a duet with Elle King so he brought her out and they were great!

It was super dusty and hot but having country music playing all day was my kind of festival.  I loved being able to break out my boots and my inner cowgirl.

Monday, May 15, 2017

TJ Maxx Haul and deal tips

I had a little time the other day and decided to stop in T.J. Maxx.  I didn't find much but what I did I got a great deal on:

I was really excited to spot these no show Puma socks on clearance for $2.

My other find was a pair of sterling silver earrings.  I found these in the jewelry section, they were missing two pairs.  I really liked the size and they were sterling silver.  I figured they might be able to give me a discount since they only had one pair.  When I went to check out I asked if there was a discount available since they were missing parts.  They said they could give it to me for $4.80!  These are such a great pair for less than $5!!

Y'all it never hurts to ask.  If you see something you like but it is damaged in some way they just might give you discount.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Mesh Detail Leggings: These just might be my new favorite leggings!  They are so comfortable and the mesh detail is subtly sexy.  I was afraid of the mesh detail at first, I thought it would cut into my legs and look like I was stuffed in them but they fit perfectly.  I wore these on a really long travel day and they were so comfortable.  

Walmart Reusable Coffee: We have had a Walmart Neighborhood Market for a few months and I am loving the convenience.  I always get gas there because it is so much cheaper.  They had been advertising the reusable coffee mug for less than $2 you can get refills for the rest of the year for 68 cents.  I decided to give it a try.  They have a couple different types of coffee, lots of creamer and a cappuccino machine.  I'm a sucker for some gas station cappuccinos...for less than $1 it sure beats Starbucks.    

The Office: Kyle and I watched this the year we got married and I fell in love with the show.  The characters are so well written and the comedy is hilarious.  We recently both mentioned wanting to watch it again and I am hooked again.  I love getting back into Dunder-Mifflin and the lives of the workers.  Jim and Pam are my absolute favorites (of course) but I also love Kevin and Phyllis.  Who are your favorites?   

Druzy Stone Necklace: I recently went to Stagecoach and was on a hunt for the perfect western inspired necklace.  This one is beautiful and so easy to wear.  It is the perfect neutral color and adds boho flair to an outfit.  I found it at Gypsy Ragazza and am loving all the jewelry on this site.  

Cow Shirt: Cows are my absolute favorite.  If I see a cow on something I need it.  This shirt is from Farm Life Outfitters and they were sweet enough to send me one.  I am in love!  It is such a simple design and I love the support they give for agriculture.  I can see paring this with a colorful kimono or denim shirt and a fun western inspired necklace...maybe the one I just talked about.  

What have you been loving lately?   

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Workout Clothes Unboxing

I recently discovered Ellie, an activewear subscription service.  
Every month you’ll receive 5 amazing items for your active lifestyle. Your usual box can include a sports bra, a top, leggings or capris, a jacket, accessories (a tote maybe), and a piece of equipment.
I thought it was a really interesting idea.  They were sweet enough to send me a box to check out.  

My May box included a really cute strappy sports bra (so cute I'm totally fine if it shows), bright mesh leggings, and mesh detail tank.  They also throw in a few workout tools, this month I got an arm band phone holder and grip strengtheners.  

The cost is $49.95 a month.  This seems a little steep at first but when you are getting an entire workout outfit the price makes sense.   

I'm pretty obsessed with the leggings and sports bra.  Mesh leggings are so on trend at the moment and I am excited to have this cute pair in capri form.  The bra is so fun!  I might even wear it when I am not working out.  Go out Ellie and let me know if you get anything different in your box! 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

What I Read in April

This monthly read is coming to you a little late...April was a little crazy with Kyle finishing up his semester and a pretty big trip to California (post coming later).  I got through two books, and they were really really good ones:

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty: This is my second book by Liane Moriarty and it did not disappoint.  She has a way of making the characters come to life.  They are so real, with flaws.  This book follows the story of three mothers.  Their children are all in the same class and it follows the dramas of parents.  It starts off with someone being dead, you spend the rest of the book trying to figure out what happened.  The twists and turns and surprises are well written.  I would definitely recommend. This book has been turned into an HBO series which I started but didn't' finish because it had a few things different from the book and I wasn't completely into it.  Have you watched it?  What did you think?

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr: "So how children, does the brain, which lives without a spark of light, build for us a world full of light?"  This book is a must read, it was one of those books that stick with you.  It was haunting and beautiful.  The book is really two stories set during World War II, following two children growing up in two different countries.  The narration moves back and forth in both time and place, between the two main characters.  The writing was beautifully poetic and mesmerizing, I could not put it down.  Anthony Doerr says: "The title is a reference first and foremost to all the light we literally cannot see: that is, the wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum that are beyond the ability of human eyes to detect (radio waves, of course, being the most relevant).  It's also a metaphorical suggestion that there are countless invisible stories still buried within World War II - that stories of ordinary children, for example, are a kind of light we do not typically see.  Ultimately, the title is intended as a suggestion that we spend too much time focused on only a small slice of the spectrum of possibility."        
I loved the theme of interconnectedness throughout the story, the crossing of the invisible lines and how they influenced each other.  It was emotional and beautiful, a story not to be missed.  

Friday, April 28, 2017

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Emergen-C: Yes that's right, the vitamin drink mix is one of my favorites this week.  I received a sample of the Mango Apricot flavor and fell in love, only to find out it was discontinued.  I went to Target a couple of weeks ago and found the triple berry flavor on clearance.  I figured I would go ahead and pick it up.  Now it is no Mango Apricot but it tastes pretty good and I feel like it can only be doing good for my immunity.  

When Calls the Heart: Erin Kakow is pretty much the cutest thing ever.  She is the main character in this Hallmark show.  The storyline follows Elizabeth, a woman from high society, who moves to a small coal mining town to teach school.  She gets  culture shock but eventually finds her place.  The story is really sweet and bubble gummy but I got sucked in and have really been enjoying it.  P.S. it is on Netflix.  

Simply Nature Creamy Coconut Bars: Oh my goodness these are my new favorite things!  I saw these at Aldi and they just jumped into my cart.  They are creamy and have just enough coconut flavor to not be overpowering.  They have other flavors there and I can't wait to try those too.  

Rose Quartz Necklace: Jack Jack and Co was sweet enough to send me this necklace and I am in love!  It is the perfect simple piece to wear alone or layer with other items.  I love simple dainty necklaces thrown on together.  I am loving the rose quartz as well.  They also have just recently released dainty essential oil diffuser necklaces.    

Gekks: I saw these socks advertised on the Money Saving Mom (love her!) and thought they looked really cool.  I have a couple pairs of shoes where it is hard to wear normal socks because either they show or they never feel right in the shoe.  These socks solve that!  They are a revolutionary sock that stick to your shoe and stays there.  They are made with silver in the yarn which is supposed to keep your feet from stinking.  I have a pair in my floral booties that I couldn never get socks to work with and love them!  Check them out and use my code ThriftyGinger5 for $5 off your order!     

Monday, April 24, 2017

What to wear to Stagecoach...or a Country Music Concert

I am so excited to head to Stagecoach this weekend!  I love country music and Stagecoach is like Coachella but country.  It's three days of nothing but country music and I cannot wait!  The lineup this year includes Kenny Chesney, Shania Twain, and Dierks Bentley to name just a few.   I have been preparing my outfits for a while and thought I would share a few: 

I love layers so for my outfits I started with a simple base and then threw on layers and lots of jewelry.  This black dress and vest are Target (but I got them from Dirt Cheap).  The bag and necklace are my favorites from Gypsy Ragazza.  If you need any western accessories check them out!  Boots are Old West that I have had for years and love them!

Same black dress different layers.  I have been loving kimonos and this pretty floral one is from Stay Warm In Style.  This necklace was a Walmart find and I'm obsessed!

Another Stay Warm Kimono along with a chambray Target dress.

Be sure to check back, I'll be posting pictures from the festival!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Farmhouse Decor at the Dollar Tree

I recently went to the Dollar Tree with my husband and hit the jackpot on decor items.  I always look at the frame section just to see if they have anything new.  I saw the Farm to Table picture and fell in love, I mean it has a cow!  I then proceeded to flip through the rest of the canvases and found the close up of the cow head.  I may or may not have given a little squeal...but I mean how cute is it??  

I have been admiring the close up cow pictures at Kirkland's and Hobby Lobby, I was so excited to find this mini version at the Dollar Tree of all places.

These pieces are the Special Moments Collection.  They are small wrapped canvases and feel like great quality.  They had so many different prints, not just cows!

I also found this stacked pig framed picture.  I got really excited when I first saw it because I thought it was all different farm animals stacked but the pigs will do.  I also love that it has that rustic look like it has been printed on burlap.  Granted the frame is pretty cheap and janky but hang it up and no one will ever know.

My last find was this framed piece.  I love the saying and the reminder to be grateful for your blessings.  I think it would be perfect for a dining room.

Have you found anything at the Dollar Tree lately?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Luca + Dani Jewelry: I received two pieces from Luca + Dani and I am so in love!  I got the Pink Opal Pendant Necklace and the Blessed Key Bangle.  Luca + Dani is a jewelry company that sells handcrafted pieces made in America.  I am so in love with these pieces, first of all they are beautiful!  I have been loving opals lately and the detail on this pink one is stunning!  I also love the bubble chain style, so sparkly!  The blessed key bracelet is one of my new favorite layering pieces.  It is so simple and pretty and it actually fits my wrist!  They come in different sizes for average and small wrists!  I am so impressed with the quality of these pieces and how beautiful they are.   

Dollar Tree Sunglasses: I spotted these sunglasses on the rack in Dollar Tree and picked them up on a whim.  I know what you are thinking Dollar Tree sunglasses??  I am right there with you.  I have gotten sunglasses from there before and they are so flimsy and I don't even feel like they block the sun.  This pair was different.  They were thick and sturdy, with nice lenses.  I wore them pretty much the whole time I was at Disney this past month and loved them!  Take it from me don't look past the sunglasses at Dollar Tree sometimes you can find gems.  (The ones linked aren't the Dollar Tree pair but a Target pair that looks almost exactly the same).  

NIke Free RN Flyknits: These shoes guys!!  I have been looking for a pair of flyknits for about a year, ever since I heard glowing recommendations from friends.  I was randomly at the Nike Outlet last week and found these for $39.99, which is an awesome deal as is but they were offering an extra 30% off!  Y'all I got these for $30!!  If you have a Nike Outlet near you run and pick these up!  They definitely live up to the hype and are so comfortable.  They feel like supportive socks and the design is so cute, matches everything! 

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty: Once I started this book I could not put it down!  This is my second book by Liane Moriarty and it was so good.  She has a way of writing that makes the characters so real and makes you feel so connected to their lives.  The situations the characters are in are so authentic.  I'm sure most of you have heard of this book with the HBO series that recently ended, but for those of you who haven't it focuses on three women living in a small beach town.  It opens with someone being killed during a family trivia night at school and then goes back in time to before the incident and how/why it happened.  It keeps you on your toes and I really enjoyed the characters and the story.  Have you seen the HBO mini series?  What did you think?    

Duck Dynasty: I can't believe I haven't mentioned this on a favorites yet!  You know I am a fan of the Duggar family, well the Robertson's are also a favorite family.  Kyle and I have been enjoying watching the Robertson's and their antics for a while.  They are crazy and definitely good ole southern boys but the family dynamics and feel good message that comes with the show have drawn me in.  They stand up for their faith and are true to their values, in today's world that is a rare thing to find on TV.  

What have you been loving this week? 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

What I Read in March

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes: This book has been so hyped and I was so excited to finally read it.  Honestly I was a little disappointed in the story as a whole.  The writing was good, characters were interesting it was just the basis of the story that I didn't like.  I'm sure all of you know this book/movie but the premise is Will has been injured and is paralyzed.  He is depressed and feels like his life is not worth living.  Lou starts work as his aide and tries to show him that his life is worth living.  It really wasn't what I thought.  I felt like the message of the book was that life is not worth living for a person with a disability, now not everyone in the book agreed with this idea but people went along with it and it just struck me in a wrong way.  I struggled with this book because I believe that all life is important and should be treasured.  What did you think?

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman:  Since I saw the trailer for this movie I knew I had to read this book.  It was a really interesting book.  The book focused on Tom who is a war veteran who marries Isabel and takes a job maintaining a lighthouse off the coast of Australia.  The lighthouse is on an island and the boat to the mainland comes every season.  It was an interesting to think about life where they are so isolated from the rest of the world.  Tom and Isabel desperately want a child but have had a series of miscarriages.  One day a boat with a dead man and a baby washes up on shore.  Isabel convinces Tom to keep the baby as their own.  While in the mainland they meet the biological mother of the baby.  They are faced with a decision affecting the lives of four people.  This book was really interesting and made me think about decisions we make as humans and how they affect those around us even if they are originally made for good.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey: For such a large book I absolutely flew through it.  It follows Cassie, a girl living in a tragic world.  The world that we know has been changed.  Aliens have "invaded" and caused the human race to be on the brink of extinction due to earthquakes, tsunamis, and disease.  She is trying to save her brother Sam.  She meets up with Evan, an unlikely alliance and they start on the journey to rescue Sam and stay alive during the 5th wave.  I really enjoyed this book.  It was so fast paced and action filled I could not put it down.

What have you been reading lately? 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Tarteist Lip Paint in Birthday Suit: I got this lip color in my Sephora Birthday Gift for this year and have been loving it!  It is the prettiest pinky nude.  It's not so nude that you get that dead lip look, it still adds some color.  It is a matte and can be slightly drying so keep that in mind when you apply, but it lasts for hours and doesn't feel gross.  It's been a win for me.        

Valley Cruise Press Pins/Patches: I have really been enjoying the 90's trend comeback of patches and pins.  I had a thing for patches and pins when I was younger and had a jacket covered in them (I thought it was the coolest).  I have been slowly delving back into the trend and found these adorable items at Valley Cruise Press.  I am obsessing over the peanut butter and jelly pin set, seriously how cute!?  I am also in love with the GIANT terrarium patch, I just don't know what to do with it yet...any ideas?       

Blush Bag: I picked this bag up last year on clearance and finally broke it out for spring.  Mine is actually a blush color and I'm obsessed.  It is the perfect size for my essentials, yet small enough to be worn crossbody when needed.  Believe it or not I picked mine up at Kmart...yep thy still exist.  I am signed up for their Shop Your Way point system and received $10.00 in random bonus points.  Well I used them on this bag and ended up paying about $4.00!  So if you're not signed up go check it out.  

Evermore (Dan Stevens version): Kyle and I decided see Beauty and the Beast this past weekend.  At first we were put off by the political agenda Disney seemed to have and the information being presented in a movie directed toward children but decided to see it for ourselves.  I am not going to have a big speech about it, there were things I didn't agree with morally and felt should be left out but the overall message and feel of the movie were traditional and beautiful.  The story of love, forgiveness and changing is still there.  Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorite original Disney movies (tied with The Little Mermaid) so I had high hopes.  It was good but not great.  I honestly didn't love Emma Watson as Belle.  I like her and all I just didn't feel like she was Belle for me.  Now Dan Stevens as the Beast was AMAZING!  I mean can he be my favorite too??  The moment that made the movie for me was his "Evermore" solo.  I would watch the movie just for that part.  It is such a powerful moment and the insight into the Beast's character and his love for Belle is beautiful.  I told Kyle if that scene hadn't been in the movie I probably wouldn't have liked it.  It is such a sad and beautiful moment.  I have had the song on repeat feeling all the feels.  Have you seen the movie?  What were your thoughts?  

Chick-Fil-A Market Salad: I have had this salad twice and am in love!  Any salad with blue cheese and fruit is a win in my book.  This one is delicious and with a vinaigrette dressing it is less than 400 calories!  Mixed greens topped with red cabbage, carrots, blue cheese, apples, strawberries, blueberries and grilled chicken.  It is so delicious and filling!  I love a good Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich and waffle fries but when I want something healthier but still delicious this is a good sub.              

Monday, March 27, 2017

$1 Clothes Haul (Plato's Closet)

Last year I hit up the Plato's Closet $1 clothing sale (check here).  This year they only had it for a weekend but I managed to find a few things.  

I picked up this floral smocked flowy top.  It is perfect for throwing on over a pair of jeans.

I loved the detailing on this top, so western!

This off the shoulder top is perfect for spring! 

I love a good vest and this super bright blue one from Forever21 had to come home with me.

I love a good flannel, especially an American Eagle one for $1!  

Definitely can't beat these deals!  

Monday, March 20, 2017

KBB Stylebox Unboxing

I love finding new stores to check out online.  I stumbled upon this gem through instagram (sometimes those sponsored posts are helpful...).  Knitted Belle Boutique is a cute trendy online boutique and I am so excited to share some the products with you!  

They were so sweet and sent over a gift box (called the KBB Style Box) and oh my goodness I was so excited to dig in! 

I had mentioned that I loved these two tops and was so excited to see them in my box.  This Pink Woven Panel Top is  so feminine and flowy, perfect for spring.   On the edgier side is this Olive Lace Up Top that I am obsessed with!  It is so soft and perfect for throwing a pretty bralette under to peek though.  So in love with both of these tops.  I will be posting outfit pictures of them on my instagram, follow me if you're not already (shameless plug).

How cute is this Confetti Cake Bath Bomb??  It looks like a delicious sprinkled lollipop.

Last thing were these beautiful Druzy Earrings.  I have been wanting a pair of druzy earrings for the longest time and was so excited to see these in the box!  

I was seriously so spoiled by the Knitted Belle Team and am absolutely in love with all the products! Check them out and let me know what you think! 

Also what are your favorite online stores to shop?