Friday, September 22, 2017

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Thomas Rhett Life Changes Album: Yes new music!  Thomas Rhett has been one of my favorite new artists so I was really excited to see he released a new album!  This one is great, he is so adorable, if you don't believe me check out the track "Life Changes".  Some of my favorites are "Marry Me", "Grave", "Unforgettable", and "Leave Right Now".  I'm loving the feel and sound of the album and have really been enjoying this one.    

How I Met Your Mother: Yep it's back!  I have been wanting to re-watch this show for a while and just got the whim to start this week.  If you haven't watched this show you definitely need to!  It is one of my favorites, I like it better than Friends.  The characters develop well, the story is creative and I just really enjoyed it.  I have heard rumors that they are taking it off Netflix at the end of fall (and I'm gutted) so binge watch while you can!! 

Macaroons: Guys I discovered the absolute best macaroons I have ever tasted!  I have had macaroons before and enjoyed them but these are on another level!  They are light, have a crispy outer layer and creamy inner layer.  Tamara was really sweet and sent over six of the raspberry french macaroons to try and Kyle and I devoured them.  If you are a fan of macaroons or have been wanting to try them these are the ones to go for!  Try them out and let Tamara know I sent you :)

Torani White Chocolate Sauce: Y'all know I am a coffee lover.  I have seen a few recipes talking about this white chocolate sauce being a budget sub for Starbuck's white chocolate sauce.  While it isn't an exact match it is a nice substitute for a homemade white chocolate latte.  I have been making them on the weekends for a little treat and have really been enjoying them.  Let me know if you would be interested in a DIY White Chocolate Latte post.    

Monogram Bag and Backpack: Being a southern girl I love a good monogram.  I recently discovered Krafty Chix and fell in love with their cute monogrammed accessories.  I have been eyeing the scallop monogram totes for a while and finally got my hands on one.  It holds a lot and looks really chic.  My only complaint is there are no pockets inside the bag but for a tote it's not a terrible thing.  I also had seen these little flap top backpacks on instagram and they had them available.  I love the crisp ivory and gold accents.  Check them out!  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Trying Out McDonald's New Coffee

You may have seen the commercials promoting the new McDonad's espresso beverages.  I am a total coffee addict so I was really excited to try out their new options.  They have always had lattes and frappes but the new line offers macchiatos, cappuccinos and iced versions.

I decided to try out the caramel macchiato.  P.S. if you aren't on the McDonad's app you need to, they have deals for coffee all the time.

So I ordered the macchiato but I'm honestly not sure what I ended up with.  The lady who gave me the coffee called it a cappuccino so...not sure.  It looked pretty normal, nice foam.  Honestly mine was disgusting.  It had a strange burnt, chemical taste that was just bad.  Now I can sometimes be a coffee snob but I like gas station cappuccinos so I figured it might be something along those lines.  I was really disappointed in the flavor but again I'm not completely sure what I ended up with.  I'm not giving up on it completely yet but I would say I am going to trust my normal coffee shops for fancy coffee.

I am a fan of their new cups though, looking good!  Have you tried the new coffees?  What did you think?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My New Favorite Disney Shirt Store!!

If you have been around for a while you know I love Disney!  I have been REALLY lucky to be able to go to Disney a couple of times in the past two years.  This has only served to fuel the Disney love.  I have been really into finding cute Disney fan merchandise on etsy to wear on trips.  Follow me on instagram to see my trips! 

I recently found the cutest store that is my absolute new favorite!  Main Street Magic Co on etsy is the cutest ever!!  Taylor was really sweet and appointed me the official brand enthusiast, and I am totally fine with that.  She sent me a couple of items to check out and I had to share them with you:

This is probably my favorite Disney shirt ever!  For those of you unfamiliar with the slogan it is from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  There is a scene where the pirates are auctioning off the women and the men are yelling "We wants the redhead".  Since I am a redhead I thought it was fitting.  They are also taking this part out of the ride and reconfiguring it, which I have mixed feelings about, RIP original pirates.

This shirt is so soft and really nice!  It is perfect for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (which I had the chance to attend last year) or just wearing during the Christmas season.  

This shirt was such a sweet surprise and I am in love!!  I'm a southern girl and will always have a soft spot for monograms.  This monogram mickey pocket top is the cutest!  It is so soft and would be perfect to throw on over leggings.

Did I mention the monogram was glitter???

How cute is this top???  I know I will be wearing this one all through October.  Also how cute would this one be for Mickey's Not So Scary party??

If you are looking for cute Disney shirts that are seriously good quality check out Main Street Magic!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Fashion Finds and More at Walmart (High end dupes!)

Guys Walmart has been killing it lately with their fashion finds!  I have always been a fan of Walmart, low prices and you can pick up everything you need at one place.  It had been a while since I had taken the time to wander around and check out all the new items so I was really excited to check it out.  Walmarts do tend to differ in there stock so I will link to products available online if I find them!

How cute are these quilted shoes??  They look like the Steve Madden version and are $14.88, great deal compared to the $60 Steve Madden version.  Available online in olive and pink.

They also had velvet lace up sneakers that are so trendy!  These are also a Steve Madden dupe for $16.88.  Oh and the laces are ribbon, how sweet!  Available online here.

These lace up velvet flats are so chic!  Perfect for dressing up an outfit.  Available online here.

These slip on mules are on trend at the moment and these are only $22.84.  Perfect for testing out the trend.  Somehow these are cheaper online ($16.98!!) if you get them in store get them to price match!

These hats are so fun!  So many options, how cute is that burger and fries??

They also had a good selection in the clothing department.  These lace up tops are gorgeous!  They are available online for $15.

Colored skinnies and flowy sweaters are perfect for easy fall outfits.

Embroidery has hit Walmart y'all!  This pretty denim top is so fun and less than $15!!  It is available online here.

They also have a camo button down that I am in love with!  So cute for throwing in over a dress.  Order it online here.

If you have been on instagram then you have probably seen these light boxes and letter boards.  I have seen them at Hobby Lobby and Target for close to $20.  Walmart comes through again and has them for less than $10!!  Run don't walk I have heard they have been going fast.  They have them online but they sell out quick.  Get the letterboard here and the light box here.  They also had all kinds of really cute expansion packs for even more letter choices. 

How cute are these printed wristlets?  So many designs to choose from!

These bags are gorgeous!!  The stitching is so pretty and the quality is awesome.  This bag is a little pricey for Walmart ($35) but the details are gorgeous!  Such a pretty bag for fall.  This is another one that is cheaper online ($22), go order now!! 

These travel mugs are so cute and for $5 you can't beat it!  Perfect for gifts or to pick up for yourself.

Tassel earrings have hit Walmart, I repeat tassel earrings have hit Walmart!  These are very trendy right now and so fun to dress up an outfit.

I am a cardigan junkie and these are perfect for fall!  I couldn't find the exact ones online but this one is pretty close and a little cheaper.

I had seen these baskets on instagram and had to scout them out for myself.  They are around $3 each and really nice.  Those copper colored ones are my favorite.  These also come in packs of two which makes it so much better, you can order them here.

Walmart has never been my first choice for home decor but I now have to put it on the list.  They had a good selection of farmhouse/rustic decor pieces.  This mason jar art is so cute!  You can also order this online here for $14.88, such a great deal!  

One of my favorite finds were these Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac dupes.  They are around $13 and come in lots of different colors.  I am loving the olive and blush.  They do have these online here but only in two colors.

Velvet is a big trend of the moment and Walmart wasn't going to let that pass by.  I am in love with these velvet backpacks!  They feel so nice and are less than $20!!  You can order online here.

Do you have any fun finds from Walmart?  I love hearing about good deals and fashion finds, leave me a comment below! 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Dirt Cheap Haul and OOTD

Y'all Dirt Cheap is my favorite!  I hadn't been there in a few weeks so I was feeling the pull to check it out.  They had a good bit of clothes for 60-70% off.  I ended up with four pieces for less than $10!

All the tops I got were from Target and brand new.  This Stay Golden sweatshirt was super flowy and so comfy.  Perfect for lounging around.

Flannels have become one of my favorite pieces lately and this one is so pretty!  Muted pinks and purples and so so soft!

This slouchy embroidered top is one of my favorites!  It is perfect for lounging and that pocket detail is the cutest!

This is the only piece I have worn and I love it.  I could only find it in an XXL but I wanted it to be super slouchy and oversized.  It is so soft and perfect for throwing on over a pretty bralette.

Here's my ootd with the slouchy shirt.  I love the flowy, slouchy vibe it gives.  It is perfect for a comfy day.  If you want to see more outfit styling make sure you are following me on instagram.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Quaker overnight oats:  I received two of these in my influenster box and thought it would be interesting.  I have made my own overnight oats before but this makes it so much easier!  You just pour milk in the night before and then you have breakfast ready for you when you wake up.  I love the coconut almond flavor!   

So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer: I have a thing for coconut it is no secret.  I picked this creamer up at Publix on a whim and have really been enjoying it.  It can have a slightly oily consistency being coconut milk but it isn't overpowering.  The flavor is good, I am not the biggest fan of vanilla creamer so I am on the lookout for a different flavor. 

Quote Bracelets: I ordered these bracelets from aliexpress last month (check out my post here) and have been throwing them on o dress up my fitbit.  They are pretty good quality, I love the quotes and are adjustable.    

The Story of Diana: This is a total random favorite thrown in but I just recently finished this documentary and had to share.  It was a two part special on ABC and is available to watch online for free.  My mom always had an interest in Princess Diana so that sparked my interest.  If you have any interest in Princess Diana watch this.  I learned so much about her life and the struggles she went through.  She was such an interesting woman.  The way she used her fame to help others even in the midst of her overpowering struggle with the press.  “Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can.” – Princess Diana

Country Women T-Shirts: How cute are these shirts y'all??  I found these on etsy and fell in love.  I have always been a country fan and I love classic country.  One shirt has classic country women (Dolly, Loretta, Patsy and Tammy) and the other says "I was country when country wasn't cool" by Barbara Mandrell.  They are simple but perfect for adding a little country charm to your outfit.  

What have you been loving lately?    

Monday, August 28, 2017

Aliexpress is it a scam??

If you know me you know I am always on the lookout for a good deal.  I discovered aliexpress in college and was a little skeptical as to the quality of the items and also if I was going to even receive my items.  The prices are crazy good, they are from China so prices can be lower.  The downside is waiting for shipping.  I have placed a couple orders through the years and thought I would share my most recent purchases:

Quote Bracelets .99 cents!  These bracelets caught my eye and for less than $1 I thought it was worth it t give it a try.  I was pleasantly surprised.  They are flexible so they fit to your wrist, I have a small wrist so this was really nice.  They are really dainty and perfect for layering.    

Cat Eye Sunnies .99 cents.  These sunglasses were another random find that I picked up for less than $1.  They are really cute but the quality is just so so.  They are plastic and super light.  I am still going to give them a try.  Honestly I'm thinking they might be good for Disney because they are so light.  You can hardly feel them so they won't hurt your ears or your face.  

Kendra Scott inspired necklace $2.00.  This necklace I have been wearing on repeat since I got it.  It is beautiful!  The quality is great and it definitely looks like a Kendra Scott.  I'm not sure about the long time quality but for less than $2 I think I can deal.

Have you tried Aliexpress?  What has been the best thing you have picked up?  

Monday, August 21, 2017

Weekend Adventures

New thing starting here, I want to share our weekend adventures with you.  Now we don't always have super exciting weekends so I may not always share but maybe this will push us to do fun tings more often...
So this past weekend Kyle and I decided to make a drive and go to the Ave Maria Grotto.  I randomly found it on Groupon and thought it looked interesting.  We were also celebrating our three year wedding anniversary, also how has it been three years??
We decided to make a day of it and started out at a new donut shop in town.  They specialize in cold brew so we got that, two donuts (blueberry cake for me and Boston creme for Kyle) and a breakfast sandwich.    

It was really cute inside, not a lot of seating but the atmosphere was nice and relaxed.

Cold brew was not my favorite, it was pretty bitter even with cream and sugar but I needed the caffeine.

I think the breakfast sandwich was the winner, obviously see how much he is enjoying it.

We then went to the Ave Maria Grotto.  The Grotto is a four acre park on the grounds of St. Bernard Abbey with 125 handmade miniature reproductions of  some of the most famous religious structures in the world.  It is known as "Jerusalem in Miniature".

It was a cool thing to see, the handiwork was really neat.

Since we drove quite a ways and were passing through Birmingham we decided to go ahead and stop in and shop around.  We walked around the mall and you can't not stop in the Forever21.  They pretty much always have a sale going on.  I hunted around for a while in their clearance and ended up finding this faux leather jacket that I LOVE!!

It is the prettiest baby blue color and has all these studs.  I love the details.  It makes me think of a BlankNYC jacket that I was obsessed with.

It was originally $50 but it was marked down and then was on sale for another 50% off.  I ended up getting this jacket for around $12!!  Such a steal!

We also went out for a nice dinner at LongHorn.  We had a really great time exploring around and spending time together. 

Let me know what y'all have been doing over the weekend!