Monday, September 26, 2016

Walmart deal finds

Y'all Walmart is my jam.  It has lots of hidden treasures and yes you can find cute fashion options there.  Don't be afraid of Walmart clothes they are not all Grandma baggy floral I promise.

How adorable is this pizza tank?  Pretty sure they had the same one at Target for more money...

Walmart is hitting the jackpot on some graphic tops, this one is adorable and $5??

Speaking to my own heart, coffee is my favorite.  I picked this one up and have been styling it on  

Fall fashion is my absolute favorite!  I love layers and vests are some of my favorite pieces.  I spotted these fleece knit vests for $10 in multiple colors.  I'm loving the green and black ones.

Don't knock the handbag section.  How pretty is this blush bag?  Simple and under $10! 

I'm loving these two bucket bags.  They have cute details like those tassels and side zips.  Under $20 you can't beat it.

Love the quilted detailing on this one and the nude color is so chic.

I have been looking for a cute backpack, this one is so classic and chic and the perfect size.

Another quilted bag, the gold details are so classy!  This one was on clearance for $11??

Walmart also got some higher class bags this season.  Big Buddha bags made there way to stores.  I love the tassel detail on these!  My husband did say that they looked like a deer tail but I think they are stinking cute.

They also had these cute fringe bags.  The squared off top is so fun! 

Looking for a coffee cup or water bottle these are adorable.  How cute is the cat one??

Meh.  Believe in your Selfie and But First Coffee...Love them! 

p.s. if anyone wants to get me something you can't go wrong with a personal princess carriage.

What have you found at Walmart lately? 

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