Friday, September 23, 2016

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Maybelline Warm Me Up: This lipstick has been my go to for weeks.  It was a recommendation from some friends and I am so glad I found it.  It is this really pretty nude mauve pink and I am obsessed with it!  With fall coming up the color is perfect for warming up your look :)  

Felicity: So this show is an oldie.  I started watching this in college but never finished it.  It recently showed up on the ABC app and I had to start watching again.  Ahhh I forgot how much I loved this show!  It is so 90's, full of drama and I get so sucked into the story.  If you have never watched it, Felicity is a freshman in college.  She makes a life changing decision to follow her high school crush to New York for college.  There she makes friends, finds herself and gets into a crazy love triangle.  If you have never watched it, check it out.  

Essie Armed and Ready: I have had this color for a few years and went through stages of like and dislike.  It is one of those weird colors that are really a little ugly (seriously this one looks like baby poop).  I like it with all it's ugliness.  It is a dark army green with just a slight shimmer.  

Naturebox Praline Pumpkin Seeds: The pumpkin obsession continues with these delicious praline ones from Naturebox.  I had tried the Naturebox subscription service before and really enjoyed the snacks, they were just a little pricy to keep up.  Target started carrying them individually and every so often they go on a good sale.  I got these guys 40% off with the cartwheel app and used a $2 coupon bringing them to 25 cents each.  This is a crazy good deal for high quality healthier snacks.  These pumpkin seeds are so so good!  Not too sweet but still the perfect snack to satisfy that sweet craving.  
Walmart Necklace: Walmart has really been stepping up there game lately and I am loving it.  I have found cute shirts, a bag and now this necklace.  I love anything turquoise, must come from my cowgirl background, this necklace was $5!  I love the beading, the tassel and the beautiful turquoise stone.  It feels like really good quality too.  I have been wearing it with dresses and tees but I can't wait to throw it on over some sweaters and pair it with my favorite boots.  

What have you been loving lately? 

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