Monday, August 8, 2016

What I read in July

I can't believe July is over and we are already speeding through August.  This year is flying by!  

I read three books this month.  None of them were really standouts.  Just normal easy beach reads.  

The Beach House by Jane Green: This book was a little confusing to start off with.  It's one of those with multiple characters and stories but they all collide and connect in the end.  The basis is a lady has a beach house and she is running out of money so she rents it out as a b&b.  The multiple characters (and all their issues) come and stay for the summer.  Lots of drama, blooming relationships and a happy ending.  It was a quick, cute summer read.  

The Vow by Dana Wilkerson and the Carpenters: I picked this one up as I had seen the movie and was interested in the story behind it.  I felt like the writing was a little uninteresting and very much just a this is what happened style.  It was interesting to get a behind the scenes real look at this couple but I felt like it could have had more personality and heart.  

Folly Beach by Dorothea Franklin:  This was my second book by Ms. Franklin and again it was a nice, easy beach read.  Very much a southern author she sticks to her roots.  This book was set in South Carolina and it followed a woman whose husband just died and left her with nothing.  She heads down south and rents a house that once belonged to a famous southern author and his wife.  She sets off on a journey of self discovery  through learning about the wife.  It was an interesting read with the past and present ideas mingled together.  

What have you been reading this month?  

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