Friday, August 12, 2016

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Coconut Chai: I have been on a coconut kick for a while and this stuff is delicious!!  I love a good chai and this one is my new favorite!  It is super creamy, has a good spicy chai flavor and just a hint of coconut.  I have been making mine with almond milk (or almond coconut milk) and it is perfect for relaxing mornings.  

Prada Candy: I have only had samples of this but I have gone through one and working on my second.  I thought it would be way too sweet but I am hooked on it.  It is the perfect blend of sweet, slight spice and warm scent.  I am in love with it and it's on my list for a full size.   

Rio Olympics: I find so interesting to see what these amazing athletes can do (also a little intimidating).  My husband and I have been watching it at night and I just get hooked on the competitions and end up staying up way to late to see how it turns out.  I have really been enjoying keeping up with the gymnastics (those girls kill it!) and all the water sports.  

Aldi: My mother-in-law always talked about Aldi but I never had one close by to shop at.  It is my new favorite grocery store.  They have great prices, especially on produce.  You do have to bring your own bags, which is a pain sometimes but I just load the goods into my reusable bags in my car.  I'm a fan.  

Nature Box Big Island Pineapple: I have tried the NatureBox subscription box and liked it but didn't know they had snacks in store until I saw them at Target.  I happened to catch these guys on a cartwheel deal (they are a little pricey) and gave them a try.  These things are like candy!  I love pineapple and these are slices of pineapple dried.  They are the perfect "dessert" when you are trying to be a little healthier, but I would eat them all the time.    

What have you been loving lately?

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