Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Designer inspired necklaces at Walmart!

Thank you to @WhoaWaitWalmart on Instagram for the info that Walmart has some pretty designer inspired jewelry pieces out.  

Ya'll know I already am a fan of Walmart, I mean you can get your groceries and everything else you need in one spot.  

I have gotten cute jewelry pieces from Walmart before so I had high hopes.  

I went to my Walmart soon after seeing the instagram post and sad day my Walmart only had a slim amount (like 3).  

I hadn't been to Walmart in around a month and walked in the other day to get milk.  I figured I might as well check out the jewelry and finally it was all stocked!   

Look at all those pretty necklaces!  They had arrowheads, stones, beading, and layered pieces.  
I am in love with that deep rich blue with the tassel! 

This one is adorable and looks like Kendra Scott!  I love that blush stone and tassel! 

There was also this little section of necklaces for $3.88.  They were lariat style and I'm loving this trend right now.  

Love all the crystals and tassels! 

Guys these necklaces are all $5 or under, seriously you can't beat that!  They are perfect for summer right now but I'm also mentally planning out outfits for fall featuring these pieces.

Have you found any of these cute pieces at your Walmart?

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  1. These necklaces are cute! I have not been to Wal*Mart in a long time, but I'm going to go check one out now!