Thursday, July 28, 2016

Might be my favorite Hobby Lobby find

I love Hobby Lobby.  I can go in that store and stay for hours just walking around and looking at all the home decor and getting ideas for DIYs.  I would love to decorate my house all from Hobby Lobby but I only ever shop on clearance (no surprise there).  

Last year my husband and I were perusing the aisles at the Hob Lob and discovered a section of animal statue decor items. Well we found one that looked exactly like our dog in bust form, in a military outfit.  We thought it was absolutely hilarious but at $30 it was a little too pricey.  

I stopped in Hobby Lobby last month to look around and they had their clearance at 80%.  This is when you stick up guys.  I found so many cute items along with the dog bust but I didn't buy them.  I heard that Hobby Lobby continues to mark down to 90% off so I decided to wait for that.  

Last week my husband and I decided to go in Hobby Lobby just to look and wouldn't you know things were 90% off!  There wasn't a sign but they were all priced down.  Things were definitely more sparse than they were last month and you had to make sure things weren't broken.  I was looking through some decor items and let out a little squeak because I found the dog bust.  I'm sure the lady in the aisle thought I was crazy to be excited over a weird dog statue but whatever.  It was $3 and perfect condition.  

Of course we had to get pictures when we got home...seriously is this not hilarious?? 

Clearly Riley loved the photo shoot...

I'm so happy I finally caught the 90% off items, good things come to those who wait. 

What cute things have you found at Hobby Lobby?  Any deal secrets?

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  1. I love Hobby Lobby too!! I always buy their cute signs with inspiring, or funny quotes and place them all over the house and my office. :)