Monday, July 25, 2016

Bible Journaling Must-Haves

Bible Journaling Must-Haves

Journaling Bible: Obviously you will need a journaling bible.  My husband got this one for me for my birthday and I love it!  It is so pretty outside and has a great amount of space to doodle.  

Watercolors: I haven't actually used watercolors in my journal yet but I have seen some beautiful creations on pinterest that have used them.  

Journaling Pens: My husband also gave me these pens and I love them!  They are acid free so they won't mess up your pages, fine tipped, easy to use and don't bleed through your pages.  They come in a lot of different colors so I have lots of options.  

Notebook: I like to have a notebook with my bible journal to write down ideas and verses that I want to work on later.  

Pencils: With my doodles I always start in pencil.  Mechanical pencils are my favorite for thin lines.  I like being able to sketch it out first and be able to erase at the end.  

Eraser: After I have finished with a journaling section I like to take an eraser over the doodles to erase any stray pencil markings just to clean it up a little bit.  

Pens: These are great for adding thin lines, dates, details or titles.  

Highlighters: If you want to add bright details or highlight the verse that you are journaling these are great! 

Colored Pencils: Along with my pens these are something that I use all the time.  These are great for coloring in doodles and adding pretty depth and texture.

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