Sunday, July 31, 2016

These deals will make you Hollar!

I recently discovered this site called Hollar and let me tell you it will make you Hollar (sorry for the cheese fest).

Alright so Hollar is a deal website with products ranging from home decor, kids items, jewelry, clothes, party supplies, and lots more.  They are super discounted and great for stocking up!  

Also your first order of $10 ships for free then every order over $25 is free!  I love not paying for shipping.  

Here's what I got:

I love these triangle gold earring studs.  They are perfectly simple for everyday wear.  Bonus they are 20-karat gold, $5 you can't beat that! 

I also picked up this circle necklace.  I love dainty necklaces for layering or wearing alone.  This one is such a pretty rose gold color and is perfectly simple and dainty.  This one is 20-karat gold as well and I am in love!!  ($5!?!?) 

I got these two jewelry pieces for $10!  20-karat gold pieces for $5 apiece y'all that just doesn't happen.  

This site is also great for gifts!!

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Might be my favorite Hobby Lobby find

I love Hobby Lobby.  I can go in that store and stay for hours just walking around and looking at all the home decor and getting ideas for DIYs.  I would love to decorate my house all from Hobby Lobby but I only ever shop on clearance (no surprise there).  

Last year my husband and I were perusing the aisles at the Hob Lob and discovered a section of animal statue decor items. Well we found one that looked exactly like our dog in bust form, in a military outfit.  We thought it was absolutely hilarious but at $30 it was a little too pricey.  

I stopped in Hobby Lobby last month to look around and they had their clearance at 80%.  This is when you stick up guys.  I found so many cute items along with the dog bust but I didn't buy them.  I heard that Hobby Lobby continues to mark down to 90% off so I decided to wait for that.  

Last week my husband and I decided to go in Hobby Lobby just to look and wouldn't you know things were 90% off!  There wasn't a sign but they were all priced down.  Things were definitely more sparse than they were last month and you had to make sure things weren't broken.  I was looking through some decor items and let out a little squeak because I found the dog bust.  I'm sure the lady in the aisle thought I was crazy to be excited over a weird dog statue but whatever.  It was $3 and perfect condition.  

Of course we had to get pictures when we got home...seriously is this not hilarious?? 

Clearly Riley loved the photo shoot...

I'm so happy I finally caught the 90% off items, good things come to those who wait. 

What cute things have you found at Hobby Lobby?  Any deal secrets?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bible Journaling Must-Haves

Bible Journaling Must-Haves

Journaling Bible: Obviously you will need a journaling bible.  My husband got this one for me for my birthday and I love it!  It is so pretty outside and has a great amount of space to doodle.  

Watercolors: I haven't actually used watercolors in my journal yet but I have seen some beautiful creations on pinterest that have used them.  

Journaling Pens: My husband also gave me these pens and I love them!  They are acid free so they won't mess up your pages, fine tipped, easy to use and don't bleed through your pages.  They come in a lot of different colors so I have lots of options.  

Notebook: I like to have a notebook with my bible journal to write down ideas and verses that I want to work on later.  

Pencils: With my doodles I always start in pencil.  Mechanical pencils are my favorite for thin lines.  I like being able to sketch it out first and be able to erase at the end.  

Eraser: After I have finished with a journaling section I like to take an eraser over the doodles to erase any stray pencil markings just to clean it up a little bit.  

Pens: These are great for adding thin lines, dates, details or titles.  

Highlighters: If you want to add bright details or highlight the verse that you are journaling these are great! 

Colored Pencils: Along with my pens these are something that I use all the time.  These are great for coloring in doodles and adding pretty depth and texture.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Starbucks Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato: Oh my goodness this is my new favorite Starbucks drink order!  It is the new limited edition summer drink and if you are a fan of the old standard caramel macchiato, try this one NOW!!!  Check out my review here to get more info!

Fergie Wet N' Wild Eyeshadow Palette: I picked this palette up from the Dollar Tee in a recent deal hunt.  I had seen it in stores fr a while and always thought it was pretty, when I found it for $1 I snatched that bad boy up.  This has been my go to for my makeup looks and the pigment is awesome!  These colors last all day and it rivals some of my high end products.    

Lace Bralettes: Bralettes have been all the rage and I have been on the search for one that provided decent support, had pretty lace detail and wasn't too expensive.  I found these two from Amazon tat were under $10 and are really pretty.  These straps are really pretty showing under a dress or top.   

Song Pop App: So I have a favorite app this week (and it's not pokemon go...).  On this app you hear a song and then guess what it is or who sings it based on the answer choices.  The cool part is you play against people.  Not gonna lie my husband and I have been battling each other in this.  

Peanut Butter, Honey and Red Pepper Flakes on Toast:  Yes this sounds weird, and yes I have actually been eating this for breakfast.  I saw someone mention it on a blog and thought it sounded interesting.  We had some really nice bread leftover and it needed to be eaten so I have been having this concoction for breakfast.  Don't knock it till you try it!   

What have you been loving this week?

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Starbucks Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato review taste test

I love some iced coffee in the summer.  Starbucks is such a guilty pleasure and when they make new drinks I'm all about trying them.  This summer they released the Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato.  I am a fan of the caramel macchiato and the vanilla macchiato so I had high hopes for this one.    

The description says it is chilled Sumatran coconut milk, white chocolate mocha (which I love), espresso, topped with caramel and mocha drizzle.  
I absolutely loved it!  It tastes like a smoother, creamier caramel macchiato.  I love the slight white mocha flavor.  If you're not a fan of coconut milk try it anyway I couldn't even taste it.  

They say it's limited edition but I might have to figure out a way to make this more often it's definitely a top drink for me.  

What's your favorite Starbucks drink? 

Friday, July 15, 2016

My experience Bible Journaling

I have just started bible journaling and am really enjoying it!  I love spending time in God's word doodling and drawing to reflect that verse.  I throw on some worship music and spend time in the word.   

Here are some of my doodles:  

 photo signature.png

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Burger King Mac and Cheetos taste test review

If you know me you know Mac and cheese is my spirit animal.  If you want to make me happy bring me some creamy, delicious Mac and cheese.  Being the Mac and cheese conosioer that I am when I heard Burger King was making fried Mac and cheese bites I was all over it.  

They come in a pack of 5 for $2.49 and are the Mac and Cheetos.  I'm not a huge cheeto fan but I powered through for the love of macaroni.   

The bites look like a darker puffy cheeto. Take a bite and it's filled with creamy Mac and cheese goodness.  I only got a slight cheeto flavor and no orange dust on my fingers.  
All in all I was pleasantly surprised.  They had a great creamy consistency, crispy outside and good Mac and cheese flavor.  They look small but they are really rich and I would not suggest eating one box all by yourself.  

Have you tried them?  What were your thoughts?

Monday, July 4, 2016

What I read in June

Distant Shores by Kristin Hannah: I love Kristin Hannah.  This one was just ok.  It was a good story about a marriage falling apart and a woman finding herself again. The family dynamics and relationships are good but the story was a little predictable.  Still a good book just not her best.  

Looking for Alaska by John Green: Borrowed this one from my sister and it was an interesting read.  Yet again it was another whoa is me teen novel where they feel different from everyone else and the world is a tragic place.  The story is about a young misfit boy who goes to a private school and makes friends with more misfits.  He meets a girl named Alaska and of course falls in love.  The story then takes a tragic turn and the characters are left to find themselves.  It is a sad coming of age, growing up story.  Don't expect a happy ending (but what would you expect form Mr. Green?)  

Save the Date by Mary Katherine Andrews: This is the second book by Mrs. Andrews I have read and I enjoyed it.  This is a cute, easy, summer read.  Definitely chicy lit and predictable.  It follows a young woman who has a floral business, mostly doing business for big southern weddings.  She meets a man, falls in love, drama ensues and she figures out what she wants.  If you like southern books check this one out.  It's cute and easy.  

What have you been reading lately?