Friday, June 10, 2016

What I read in May

Oh y'all I managed to get through five books!  I was off work for a week and took advantage of being able to read throughout the day.  

Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares: I loved the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and this one was the grownup ending to the series.  I really enjoyed this one as a wrap up to the series.  I loved getting to dive back into the lives of the Tibby, Lena, Carmen and Bridget and see how they handled growing up and being adults.  This book definitely handled more serious topics so maybe not for the younger fans of the pants series.  Like I said it's the grown up traveling pants.  If you grew up with the books check it out.  p.s. I also heard talk of a third movie coming out {yes please!!}

Lowcountry Summer by Dorothea Benton Frank: I picked this one up at a thrift store for .25 cents because of the pretty cover.  It looked like a cute summer read.  Apparently it's a series but I had never read any of the others and I picked up just fine.  This book is set in South Carolina and stays true to the southern roots.  If you are looking for a low key summer read and you like southern style check this one out.  

Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher: Another thrift store find.  I have mentioned before that I am a big nerd (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, I love them all).  This book is a short autobiography by Carrie Fisher who is none other than Princess Leia.  It was interesting to hear her family history and how fame shaped her life (not really for the better).  I would have liked to get a little more insight into her time on the Star Wars films but I guess I'll have to find another book for that.  Super quick read and short chapters which I love.

The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner: This is my second read by Jennifer Weiner and I was not disappointed.  This book follows a young girl who has dreams of writing her own TV series.  Drama, romance and finding oneself happen as with most chick lit.  This one was interesting to see the behind the scenes of what goes into actually making a TV series.  

The Wilder Life by Wendy McClure: I picked this one up at the Dollar Tree.  I always loved the Little House books when I was younger and was fascinated by the pioneer way of life.  Well Wendy McClure surpasses all of my fascination and goes right into obsession.  This lady's a obsessed with Laura Ingalls.  Her obsession was for my benefit as I got to see through her eyes the travels to Laura monuments, museums and old homesites.  It was really interesting to read the facts she dug up and things she discovered about the Ingalls family.  It made me want to dig out my books and re-read them.  

What have you been reading this month? 

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