Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dollar Tree Finds

Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to stop and shop.  They have their regular stuff but there are always those surprise find items that you have to watch out for.  

The Dollar Tree rotates stock regularly and is always getting new items from store overstock, etc.  

I make it a habit to stop in regularly and see what's new.  Here's what I found this go round:

I just recently learned how to make gravy, I feel like a real southern woman now. I used this sausage from the frozen section and it was delicious.  Small amount but still enough for my husband and I with plenty left over.  This will now be a regular purchase.  

Dollar Tree always has interesting plastic ware and storage containers.  This one looked like higher quality with the measurements printed on the side.  I thought it would be perfect for flour, cereal or liquids.  I can never have enough plastic containers.  

This was a new product I had never seen before but was really excited for it.  I love muffins for breakfast and my husband is a big Greek yogurt fan.  This was regular size box and a good brand so I stocked up.  

*I made these this morning and they were delicious!*  

Last thing I found was this cookie dough oatmeal.  There were three different flavor a with Dreamworks characters but this one sounded the best (cookie dough!).  Full size box with 8(?!) pouches of oatmeal!  That is an awesome deal and one I may have to go back for, I only bought one box.  I also found this at Walmart for $2.58 so...pick it up here!!

Make sure you check your quantity and expiration dates!  Sometimes Dollar Tree has brand name products because they are smaller quantity or the expiration is closer.   

Check out my post on the things I always buy at the Dollar Tree here.

What have you found at your Dollar Tree? 

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