Saturday, May 7, 2016

Gym Must-Haves

I recently started going to the gym...yep that's right.  My husband has been going for years and since he uses the University gym I was able to get a discount to join.  I've actually been enjoying it.  Right now I just use the elliptical and cardio machines but I'm hoping to start some weights soon.  Here are my gym must-haves:

Vera Bradley Tech Case: This is an old retired pattern (Cambridge I think??) but this tiny case is perfect for holding my gym card, headphones, chapstick, keys and whatever else I need to throw in .

Monogrammed Water Bottle: You have to have water when you workout and it helps if it's in a cute bottle!

Nike Tennis Shoes: I picked these tennis shoes up at the outlet for a Disney trip and I love them!  They are super light and keep my feet comfy.

Earphones: I like to watch YouTube videos or TV shows on my phone while I workout so earphones are a must!  These are great because they wrap around your ear and stay in place, even when you're working hard.

Chapstick: My lips get so dry, so I always carry chapstick.  Dry lips are not stopping my workout.

Champion Workout Headband: These are my favorite headbands for a workout.  They have a silicone lining so they stay put and keep your hair in place.

Physiclo Compresion Leggings: These leggings were sent to me to review and I love them!  They are a little hard to get on, they are supposed to be tight (make sure you check out the sizing befoe you buy!!).  The compression is supposed to let you work harder, burn more calories and just get more out of your workout.  I definitely feel like they help my stamina and help to last through my workout.

As a gym newbie I would love to know what your essentials are?

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