Wednesday, April 13, 2016

$300 Gap sweaters for $7!?!?!

I stopped by Dirt Cheap the other day and found the best deal!  They have had Gap sweaters for months but they were never the right price.  Low and behold when I stopped in I saw a big rack of them with $1 price tag!  You better believe I stocked up.  I picked up 7 for myself for (yep) $7.  Ca-ra-zy!!! 

Two long soft cardigans (baby blue and coral).  
Four light knit sweaters and one Tres Cool sweater.  

Each sweater had the original price tag still on and size stickers.  Price for each sweater was $39.99 original!  

The Tres Cool sweater was originally $54.99!!  

All my sweaters came to an original price of $294.93 and I paid $7!!! 

I may have also picked up a few sweaters for my husband and gifts for others because they were $1!!!  Brand spanking new Gap sweaters for $1!!! 

This is why I love Dort Cheap guys!!! 

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