Saturday, March 5, 2016

Favorite lip products for Spring

Favorite lip products for Spring

Spring is in the air and with that comes brighter colors, in nature, your clothes and makeup.

Here are my three favorite lip products that I love to bring out in the spring time:

NYX Simply Pink in SP01: I love NYX, high quality, drugstore price.  This line of lippies is all shades of pink.  I have the first one and it's just that a pretty, girly shade of pink.  Not too pink that you look like bubblegum but enough to wake up your face.  

Rimmel The Only One in Naughty Nude: I picked this one up on a whim and it's my first Rimmel lippie, but it won't be my last.  The shade says nude but it's really more of a rosey pink.  It feels great, stains your lips a nice color and lasts and lasts. I love colors I don't really have to think about and this one is great.  

Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain in Honey: I have had this one for a year and bought it because of recommendations on YouTube.  Ahhh it is one of my absolute favorites.  Easy to apply, flattering color and just enough gloss.  It also stays on well and adds a little stain.  

As you can tell pinky colors are my choice for spring.  I'm more of a mauve girl in the fall and winter but I like to crack open some bright colors and wake up my face when the weather gets warm.  

What are your favorite lip products for spring?

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