Friday, January 29, 2016

Dining room chair redo

It's no secret that I love DIY and home decor.  I love the process of creating something new from something old.  My husband and I were given a set of chairs from my grandfather and while very nice the actual chair vision was old and tattered and in need of replacement.  I picked up 2 yards of cotton duck fabric from Walmart and got to it.  

Duck fabric is thicker than just regular cotton fabric and I thought it would hold up better.  It's similar to a canvas fabric.  I picked a light floral fabric to give them a brighter, fun feel.  

I am not a professional furniture reworker but here's my simple supply list:

-old chair
-fabric of your choice (again I used a thicker duck fabric and 2 yards was more than enough could have gone with one) 
-staple gun 

Here is the chair before hand, good bones but that fabric had to go.  

All you do is flip the chair over and unscrew the cushion from the base.  Hang on to your screws!  

Then lay the cushion on your fabric and cut how much you need.  Take your staple gun and pulling the fabric tight secure the fabric to the base.  

You can also replace the actual cushion if needed, I just decided to keep mine like it is.  

Once your satisfied secure the cushion back to the chair win the old screws.  

Ta-da you have a new chair!  The wood on these chairs is a little scratched and needs refinishing but that is a project for a different day.  

I love a simple easy redo project!  Let me know what you have been redoing lately!

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