Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What I read in November

Again busy month and again just one book was finished.  I think I'm in a little bit of a book slump.  I have been really busy for one and then the books I'm starting I have a hard time getting into them.  I'm trying to weed out my huge stack of books.  If I'm not excited about a book I have a hard time turning to them to read instead of Netflix or YouTube.  I guess I just need to find better books.  

Anyway the book I read this month I picked up at Dirt Cheap for (dirt) cheap.  It is one of the Gossip Girl series.  I started these in high school and thought they were decent, love the show more but the books are ok.  

This one is after the first Gossip Girl books with a new set of characters.  Storyline is similar rich kids, relationships, fashion, parties, etc.  It was fine to read and not have to concentrate too hard or think abut it, easy read but I think I'm going to search for better more collocates reads in the future.  

What have you been reading?

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