Sunday, November 1, 2015

What I read in October

Alright another month is over and I slacked on my reading yet again...I read 2 books.  

Fame Firstborn Series #1 by Karen Kingsbury: Karen Kingsbury is the epitome of Christian chick lit.  She has soooo many books I can't keep track.  I get the cast offs from my grandma.  This one is in the Firstborn series continuing with the Baxter family.  This one follows D, who is a Hollywood star and he has been given up for adoption by the Baxters themselves.  The story also adds in a little romance with a small town Katie being brought to Hollywood to act alongside D.  The storyline was good and even had some mystery added in with a psycho fan.  If you are looking for a good Christian read check it out.  

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld: This was one of those dystopian books.  It's was an interesting idea in that when you turn 16 you undergo a surgery that makes you beautiful.  Then you go off and live with other beautiful people and just have a beautiful life.  The idea was to make everyone pretty so no one feels ugly or left out, basically everyone feels good. Like all the other dystopian books there is a hidden dark secret to this seemingly good fix.  The main character (I can't remember her name) makes a friend who shows her a different path for her life   

Overall not crazy impressive but decent books for October.  

What did you read in October?

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