Saturday, October 24, 2015

Southern Women's show, bass pro and Jessa Duggar Sewald

I don't know about y'all but our weekends tend to be a lot of relaxing around the house and not much going on.  I'm not complaining I love a good relaxing day (can you say messy hair,sweatpants and no makeup?) but every once in a while I do like to go out and have a little adventure.  

My husband is pretty much the sweetest thing and he agreed to go with me to the Southern Women's Show in Birmingham.  Not gonna lie I wanted to go because Jessa Duggar Sewald was going to speak.  We had a great time, walked around, had a little date night dinner and did some shopping.  It's good to go out every once in a while :)

They are so sweet! 

And we just might be on TLC ;)

We got to meet the Sewalds.  

I brought my book for them to sign because I'm cool like that ;)

Some of the booths at the show:

And to thank my husband for an estrogen filled day we stopped at the Bass Pro shop for a little testosterone.  This one is really neat since the drive in you go through the woods and past a few ponds. It's one of the prettiest bass pros I have been at.  

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