Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dirt Cheap haul

Y'all I love Dirt Cheap!  It is also on my way to work so I try to stop in there every week or so because they are always getting new things in and discounting.  

Their bedding is newly priced, instead of individually pricing things they have a list detailing pricing.  So for example any full sheet sets are $10.  I found these Target sheets that are SO soft! 

Dirt Cheap also has big bins of things from the Target Dollar Spot except everything is less than $1.  I have seen them marked to 33 cents but this time they were all marked at 10 cents!!!  I picked up all these holiday decorations!  

These were also all 10 cents! 

Then I found these marshmallow skewers for 10 cents, perfect for S'mores! 

I also found these three clothing items for $1 each.  The sweater is Target, the shirt is Talbots (how adorable is that neckline??) and the pants are Gap.

Do you guys have a Dirt Cheap near you? 

1 comment:

  1. No, but I wish I did after seeing all these deals!!