Monday, September 7, 2015

Latest deal finds

So...I went shopping and I found some awesome deals and thought I would share with y'all...

Anyway here is my haul, first stop Dirt Cheap.  Guys this place is my favorite!  I have talked about Dirt Cheap before but it is a discount store that gets castoffs from places like Target and other stores.  They have discount signs all around the store and you match the number to the discount (make sure you check as things in the store get crazy moved around).  

I picked up this adorable crossbody purse for $4!!!!  It is the prettiest minty blue color and I am in love with it!  I have been wearing when I do errands and it is perfect.  
I stopped by Target and saw the exact same bag just in a different color on clearance for $ I got an awesome deal! 

More Dirt Cheap I picked up these tights for $1 each, I love wearing tights in the fall.  

Guys I have been ignoring the clothing section of Dirt Cheap and oh my goodness have I been missing out.  The way the clothing section works there is each item has a tag with a letter and the letter is assigned to a discount.  All of the clothes I picked up above were brand new from Target and they were $1 each!!!! 

Alright I also went to Target and searched for the clearance: 

I also had to stop for a coffee...because when in Target.  

These adorable marquee lights were on clearance for $2.70  I actually already spray painted them different colors.  

Michaels was having a great sale with an extra 20% off everything even sale items coupon so I picked up a few things:

All of these things were in the front section of little knick-knacks and they were 60% off.  I found an R for our gallery wall (I seriously have an obsession with R's).  I also found a cute little gold passport holder and an adorable spoon rest.  This little area is also good to stock up on gifts.  

Michael's always has the prettiest frames and they do on sale pretty often.  The white one was $8 and the driftwood one was $6.  

We also have a Big Lots near us and I love Big Lots.  They always have neat different things and they have great clearance items.  

I picked up the mini wheat thin boxes for 47 cents and each of these K-cups were on clearance for $4.50! 

You do have to check the expiration dates on clearance items because most of the time that is why they are on clearance, but usually they don't expire for a month or so (plenty of time to use things up)

I also picked up this facial cleanser for $1.50!!  I searched for them online and found them for $12 or to your Big Lots and see if yours has this awesome deal.  I may go stock up on a few more for gifts...

I found these gluten free animal crackers on clearance and they are delicious (I'm not even gluten free but who cares)

I have been wanting to try the caramel version of these since Kim Adams raves about them.  I've tried the vanilla and they are pretty good so can't wait to see about these!  

Last thing I went to the Dollar Tree and I always check the book section there.  Every once in a while they get really nice books and for $1 you can't beat it.  

I picked up this one and have read one other by this author and really liked it so I'm excited to check this one out.  

What deals have you guys found lately? 

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